Not one size fits all ~ one size fits you. I’ve developed 3 stages of fitness programs that can be adopted by anyone who is overweight, recovering from illness, or is completely lost in the process of natural health.

I have just one caveat; you must give 110% to a new, better life.

On top of obesity management, diabetes and Cancer recovery, I specialize in post-surgical physique maintenance. My programs incorporate natural anti-aging nutrition as well. From Mommy Makeovers to liposuction, Cool Sculpting and  BBL patients, I’m your one stop shop for all things tight and toned if you’re in recovery and maintenance time.

Choose from any of the fitness programs available on the shop page that best suit your lifestyle. You can also build your own custom program based on your goals and lifestyle. Whatever your choice, we start with a 1 hour brainstorm  where all your concerns and goals are laid on the table for examination. You will walk away with valuable information that will allow you to take some serious steps toward your ultimate goals.

Following this session,  you to choose where you want to head next. If we choose to work together; hang on to your undies cause there’s a whirlwind of personalized life changing stuff coming your way!

Truly, there’s something for everyone.

Dig in, see what you like and get at me with your dream life. Let’s start building this temple. If you find a fitness program you like, simply hit the “contact” button and we will get things started.

If you wish to start your mission right now visit my store by using the shop button.

Yours in health,


The Brainstorm

You're ready to make a change and want REAL results that last. You know that gimmicks like "slimming" teas and coffees aren't going to get you there. You want freedom from the treadmill and group fitness classes of a decade ago but have no idea where to start. This is where all phenomenal plans roll out and are implemented as real change.

1 hour brainstorming session, strategy and goal setting creating an action plan for success. This happens on the telephone or by Skype/WhatsApp. Appointments are available 5 days per week, Monday through Friday. I operate on Eastern Standard (New York) Time.


You have a keen eye for a no BS plan, so you found me. A little gun shy from big investments before, you want something that shows results in a reasonable amount of time. You're good with a 30 day challenge format and can govern yourself accordingly. No major hand holding needed, you're after these results and have a basic understanding of fitness and nutrition fundamentals.

Includes the starter session PLUS 30 days of coaching.


Where the real magic happens. Over an 8 week period you will completely transform your body under the wing of a seasoned professional. You've decided to dedicate this time to building an unshakeable, sleek foundation for life. This is where you claim your health and fitness back and maybe a bit of that "old body" you reminisce about.

Your goals will be set and you will have the ultimate in guidance for 2 months.


Travel to Train – 2.5 day intensive in-person elite coaching. THIS plan is what I affectionately deemed the "no more screwing around" bundle. I will deliver you to the life you've only wished for by holding your hand every step of the way. We dive in head first together for two and a half days on your stomping grounds ensuring you know every healthy option inside and out while we carve out a new lifestyle for you.

We continue your fitness journey with full long-distance support for 3 months.

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