Pumpkin Carob Pancakes with Tofu Cream

Fall is here and while I’m slightly in denial because of recent 90 degree days here in Pittsburgh, there’s no denying that Pumpkin Spice has made it’s grand return to the foodie scene. Here’s my quick & tasty contribution to Fall flavours. Ingredients:  1 cup Annie’s Organic Pancake Mix 1 cup pumpkin purée 1 tbsp […]


Low carb, high protein Vegan Curry with Naan

With just a few ingredients around the house (some vegan staples for sure) you can whip up a quick, healthy and protein rich meal that won’t break the bank or your summer bod goals. 25 minute meal done up right. Nutrition information for the curry dish is noted. Vegans need protein too ~ keep your […]


Chickpeas – From south of the border

  This recipe is a favourite of mine for several reasons: 1- you can freeze it 2 – it’s UBER versatile 3 – summer or winter – it’s good 4 – easily packed 5 – cleanse friendly 6 – it’s spicy – or not 7 – blah blah blah – it’s protein packed I could […]


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