Flex without the flare up!

Combat dehydration & muscle cramping with Vegan supplementation

It’s 2 am and you wake up screaming because your muscles are cramping up in your calf. Toes curled and writing in pain you wait for the moment to pass. Sound familiar? While this sometimes night time occurrence may be on and off again and tolerable, muscle cramping during training sessions can be debilitating. If […]

Gio and Casey (1)

Client Spotlight – The Vegan Converts & Making a baby with Gio & Casey Weeks – baby Luca now too!!

Sometimes clients become friends, but in this case an “old” friend of mine – Giovanna – became a client. Giovanna and I met in elementary school in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada over 25 years ago. We actually went to different schools but both attended Catachism (click it if you don’t know it) where we met […]


Burning those unwanted calories

Losing body fat is all about creating a energy balance (calories are energy). If we create a deficit we lose weight. I’m sure you’ve all heard me say this/post about this 100 times! Create an excess of calories and gain weight (good for creating muscle mass if done accurately). Here are the ways we burn […]


Client Spotlight for Keto Vegan – Marisa

  CLIENT SPOTLIGHT – KETO VEGAN – MARISA FRANCESCA Before ketogenic “dieting” what other forms of meal planning had you tried? I have always been really bad at meal prep/planning and I had never really done so. I have realized that it is essential in order to be successful, especially if you’re busy. What were […]


Bone Health – The skinny on those little props that move us around

  While our human experience where health is concerned can vary quite a bit, there is no denying that spinal strength, bone & cardiovascular health should be at the top of every humans list for living a long, elongated and healthy life. We exercise our heart and build cardiovascular strength by working the heart muscle […]


Food & Mood ~ Emotional Eaters Unite!

Emotional eating is an activity people engage in to soothe negative emotions, like stress, anger, fear, boredom, sadness or loneliness. The hassles of daily life can trigger negative emotions that lead to emotional eating that can disrupt your happiness, contentment and, for our purposes, fat-loss efforts. In order for us to move past our emotional eating we need to figure out what our personal […]


Immunity Boosting Soup ~ Thai Style!

I hosted a workshop in Calgary a few years back entitled ” Ass Kicking Immunity Boosters” at Bankers Hall Club and I toyed around with some great recipes that combat sickness. I’ve gone ahead and dug this one up because lately I’ve been party to a lot of public snorting and gurgling and throat clearing […]


Hemp Seeds & You

Make hemp seeds a regular part of your diet. They’re rich in omega-3 fatty acids, plant-based proteins and phytonutrients. That makes them a nutritional powerhouse for supporting good health! Hemp seed has been consumed by mankind (and animals) for centuries. Indeed, whole populations have survived off hemp seed in times of famine. In China, at […]


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