Pumpkin pudding pie – vegan


I adapted this recipe heavily after trying to find something mainly raw, definitely vegan and definitely quick. This recipe will take you about 30 minutes to complete however, ** there is a setting time of a few hours** for the pudding/pie filling. Please make sure you leave yourself with at least a few hours before chowing down.

Ingredients Pie:

3/4 lg can pumpkin filling

5 tbsp cornstarch

3/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice * try my homemade recipe

1/8 teaspoon sea salt

1 3/4 cup coconut almond milk

3/4 tsp vanilla extract  *try my homemade recipe

Ingredients Crust: 

2  1/4 cups soaked & pitted dates * soak for 45 minutes

2 1/2 cups pecans

1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice *try my homemade recipe


Create crust first by placing all ingredients in food processor and pulsing until well mixed and doughy. Mixture should form an easy ball when rolled.


Press into pie pan (greased with coconut oil if not teflon) and place in fridge.


Next, create your filling.


Combine all dry ingredients in a saucepan and whisk. Add pumpkin puree and slowly whisk in milk.



Place over medium heat and whisk continuously. Once bubbles start and the mixture thickens use a spatula to ensure your mix does not stick to the bottom or sides of the pan.


Remove from stove top and add vanilla, whisk and let set for 5 minutes. Pour into glass bowl.


Add Saran wrap to touch the surface of the pudding to prevent “skin” from forming.

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Once set pour mixture into pie shell and let set for another 30-60 minutes. 

Serve with Luna & Larry’s coconut bliss ice cream or a whipped topping of your choosing.

Reference: The minimalist baker

Becoming Little Miss Bikini – Episode 8 – D-day approaches

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2015 – Awe inducing

It’s nearly 2 weeks out. This post deleted itself….I feel like just posting a big SIGH because it was about 1500 words…and now, i’ts 24.

Insert picture of me pulling out my hair here. Seriously. I need a picture of me pulling out my hair.

The long, long weekend in San Francisco was a joy. A joy in a very, very painful way. I had a laundry list of feelings typed out before but now I’m too tired to do it again. In a nutshell I feel hopeful and excited that the road is coming to an end and I’ve put all my effort into this…but another part of me is so exhausted that I don’t care anymore.

Let me put it this way; I nearly peed my pants and had a panic/crying attack in an Uber on the weekend…and I just got up to my office after sleeping 2 hours in the car post fasted cardio. I am NOT a quitter, a crier or a baby…freaking out FREAKS ME OUT and rarely happens.

I look in the mirror and see an old skinny person most of the time. I feel tiny and frail on bad days…..muscular and huge on good ones. As I write, today started as a day of frailty and ended as an empowered one.

This is definitely NOT a day in day out lifestyle.

I have thank yous to list off here after a successful trip away.

HSBG 2015 – What a time. What a location, what amazing weather. Grateful to have seen some one-of-a-kind acts this past weekend. There were too many going on at once to see everyone I wanted to see. Romantic and whimsical location with some incredible weather for the San Francisco area.

Live Fit Gym – Elyse. You allowed me to keep  my grueling schedule and on track. Thanks for getting me in after hours and having a great spot to get my shoulder day done. There was the perfect amount of equipment and a great space to practice posing…free wi-fi as well and some lockers. If you’re in The Mission and need to get your workout on, this is the only spot.

If you must work out 2x per day, this will do!

Icon Meals

Thank you for delivering me my meals on time and for a reasonable price. I feel guilty that I had to create a carbon footprint so large using transport from TX to CA but, alas, I was not willing to pay $150 PER DAY USD to have a service in San Francisco. The meals were well put together and kept me on track.

I felt like I looked like I was on dialyses the entire time carrying food around with me. Really, it looked weird.

Asparagus, rice, quinoa, vegan patties. Bland but on point. Win.

Gracias Madre – well, just that. Thanks for being an amazing Mexican spot for everyone but me to enjoy. I did have your steamed kale and a ginger tea which were delightful…a nibble of your beans and a droplet of your chocolate cake broke my heart. Vegan oasis in The Mission District.

Millennium Restaurant – sad that you moved to Oakland but happy that the spot is beautiful and your food is STILL amazing. I will return again and again. I broke my stomach muscle eating. Thank you once again for making vegan food rock.

Citizen Fox – were it not for this training program I would have eaten ALL OF YOUR FOOD. But, as luck would have it I had a playing dice sized piece of your chicken fried tempeh, shed a tear and vowed to return in the off season. Everyone else loved your vegan goodness.

Silver Stone Coffee – best little hidden coffee shop in The Mission. Perfect soy lattes that were silky and delicious. Banned substance on a regular weekend but since I walked about 15-20 kms per day, I think I earned them.

MD – Via Air BnB – MD. Your place was fantastic. Charming and nestled right in the best area of SF. My personal fave and I will stay with you again. Thank you for arranging my gym access and receiving my food order. You went above and beyond and showed true San Franciscan spirit. Couldn’t have asked for better accommodations so damn close to everything.

And, as per usual the depression hit me as soon as Calgary was in my sight out the plane window.

We hit the ground running yesterday picking up dogs and starting on renovations again. We leave in just a couple of sleeps to our annual Thanksgiving get away to 108 Mile Ranch in The Chilcotin of beautiful BC.

I’ll have you know that I have purchased a Tofurky Roast (NOT off Amazon. OMG I never knew) and I’m going to have some of it…and probably nothing else. I’m already starting to suffer.

No fuss cranberry sauce


So easy it hurts!


2 cups fresh cranberries
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 cups water
1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice


Bring items to boil on high, reduce to medium heat and reduce without lid until mix thickens.


Add spice on e desired consistency is reached. Approx 15-20 minutes.