Pumpkin Spice

  Fall is definitely here, Canadian Thanksgiving weekend has passed and in the US it’s just a few more weeks away. Are you ready with your recipes? If not, stay tuned for some great meat-free recipes that will last all fall & winter. For today, here’s an easy, at home, pumpkin spice recipe that you […]

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Are you worth, your salt? – A recipe and a lesson…Lesscipe?

Having a young child around is part of where I find my blog topics on food. This weekend Anastacia and I were preparing a meal together and I placed on our dinner table some sriracha salt. A wonderful mix of chilies, citrus zest and Himalayan sea salt – stick around for my recipe. She began […]


Mexican Food Spice – Ole!

I love Mexico. We love Mexico actually. Jeff and I have traveled to Mexico at least once or twice per year for the last four years. It’s close, beautiful and has some of the most diverse landscape and fantastic folks around. With that said, you must know that I love spice. Flavourful or just plain […]


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