10 Minute Vegan Chana Masala

As you may have read via Facebook, or by my YouTube Channel, we are moving to Pittsburgh! Why does this matter to todays recipe? Well, as I was packing up my pantry {sniffle, sniffle} I came across a bunch of spices that we purchased in India this past January. One in particular was my motivation […]


Spring (10 minute) veggie soup 

  Yesterday felt cold, really cold and blustery. I think that during this point of my training, when I’m burning off all my body fat, I just tend to be more cold. Plus, we live in the woods in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies so….we still have knee-deep snow in places that I’m sure […]


Pity Party Pizza – Vegan

    46 days into prep without a re-feed meal and I was starting to feel like my next check-in email would be responded to with a “guess what? You get a re-feed”….instead, I was told that I looked like I’m retaining water which upped my cardio to an insane level AND changed my overall […]


Mustard Greens

Mustard Green sare a member of the brassica family along with kale, cabbage and collard greens and are amongst the worlds healthiest foods – watch out kale. Along with a myriad of other benefits, mustard greens lower cholesterol, aid in the fight against cancerous cells and are chock full of vitamin C. The flavours of […]


Mexican Food Spice – Ole!

I love Mexico. We love Mexico actually. Jeff and I have traveled to Mexico at least once or twice per year for the last four years. It’s close, beautiful and has some of the most diverse landscape and fantastic folks around. With that said, you must know that I love spice. Flavourful or just plain […]


Pan fried root veggies & brassicas with pine nuts – glazed

    I’m not sure about you all, but I feel like this summer is already planned out and over! The weekends are being booked up faster than I can handle, the evenings are full of  work, little rest and what feels like NO play.  In the midst of feeling cheated on summer – before […]


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