Pumpkin Carob Pancakes with Tofu Cream

Fall is here and while I’m slightly in denial because of recent 90 degree days here in Pittsburgh, there’s no denying that Pumpkin Spice has made it’s grand return to the foodie scene. Here’s my quick & tasty contribution to Fall flavours. Ingredients:  1 cup Annie’s Organic Pancake Mix 1 cup pumpkin purée 1 tbsp […]


Tips for keeping training exciting

Motivate my workout! When you train day in, day out with no end in sight, it can get overwhelmingly – blah. Without a show date, high school reunion or vacation booked we can easily lose our drive for keeping the gains train going. Have a look through these simple tips for keeping the fitness flame […]

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Pittsburgh Meal Prep Discounts

Cool news ~ Pittsburgh Fresh clients are now able to have me PERSONALLY design their weekly OR monthly macros/meal plans for goal oriented nutrition!   Fat loss, muscle gain, maintenance calories…whatever your needs we will get you on your way.   There is a time requirement prior to your order being delivered so please have […]


Healthy Fats ~ Your introduction to MCT Oils

  Putting a spotlight on a health food product that some of you may not be aware of ~ MCT Oil. It’s pretty tiring to live with low fat dogma, so many folks who are misled have an utter lack of healthy saturated fats in their diets. I said HEALTHY FATS, not the deep-fried, cancer-causing […]


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