Vegan pumpkin ginger sugar cookies


Loafing around one Friday night my step-daughter and I decided it was high time to make some goodies for school again. It’s always important that we do our best to make 100% organic, GMO free, Vegan and DELISH.

When we were still in her life we made food a central theme for our health goals. Sadly we had a hard time in our family being able to bring healthy alternatives to others (at school and even to her mother at home) without sideways looks.

Since my days of teaching kitchens in Vancouver I have always proclaimed that the best way to introduce non-believers, is with dessert. This one hits the mark, spot on!


1 cup softened earth balance (soy free)

2 cups raw, organic, unbleached sugar + 1 cup for rolling

1.5 cups pumpkin puree – shelling out your jack-o-lanterns and processing is a real treat if you can

just over 1/2 cup of molasses

2 heaping tablespoons of egg replacer with 8 tbsp of water mixed until smooth

2 tsp vanilla extract (get my homemade recipe HERE)

5 cups unbleached, organic all purpose flour

4.5 tsp baking soda

1.5 heaping TBSP pumpkin spice (get my homemade recipe HERE)

3/4 tsp salt



My oven is a bit of a pain in the *&& so I preheat the oven for 360. If your oven heats true, preheat to 350.

Either by hand or in a mixer beat butter, and sugar together until creamy. I use a hand blender for this.

Add pumpkin, molasses, egg replacer and vanilla extract mixing until fully combined.

Next, mix all dry ingredients together in another larger bowl  – flour, baking soda, pumpkin spice, salt.


Anastacia mixing dry ingredients.
Anastacia mixing dry ingredients.


Combine all ingredients until thoroughly mixed – your arms are going to get a workout here as you add in flour.

This looked a little off to us. Flour ratios were off a bit on the first trial.


Refrigerate batter for 1.5 hours minimum. 


Remove from fridge, roll into bit-sized balls (smaller than a Timbit), dust in bowl with your reserved sugar, place on a non-stick or greased/parchment tray and bake for 12-14 minutes or until the sides of your cookies begin to firm up. Again, you need to start keeping an eye on them after 10 minutes dependent on your oven.

Don’t forget to roll them in sugar!

Allow to cool for 5 minutes before removing from baking sheet. Transfer to flat surface or rack to finish cooling.

Makes approximately 60 cookies depending on sizes you roll.

Pumpkin Spice

Homemade Goodness


Fall is definitely here, Canadian Thanksgiving weekend has passed and in the US it’s just a few more weeks away. Are you ready with your recipes? If not, stay tuned for some great meat-free recipes that will last all fall & winter.

For today, here’s an easy, at home, pumpkin spice recipe that you can use for pies, pastries, breakfasts, smoothies, coffees, and pretty much anything you want to have this robust flavour accompany.

It takes 5 minutes and saves you the hassle of buying store-bought pre-mixes.


Ground spices

8 tbsp cinnamon

7 tsp nutmeg

8 tsp ginger

2.5 tsp allspice

Add to glass jar, shake and voila! Makes enough to last all fall, or more.

Happy Birthday ~ to me!



Another birthday.

For the last few years I’ve spent my birthdays on the sunny shores of San Jose del Cabo at the beautiful space touching the tip of the Sea of Cortez.

This year, I’m sitting at the space where the River Allegheny meets the Monongahela and eventually flow out together to the Ohio.


Same, same ~ but different. Spatially, physically, emotionally. I guess it’s a perfect way to look at who I feel like today.

38 years old today on this Halloween. Every year on Halloween I turn a year older accompanied by the lead guitar of striking fall colours, the deep crisp base of the thundering fireworks throughout the day and a rhythm section of hoots, squeals and laughter of costume enrobed children skipping door-to-door inching ever closer to diabetes.

Today there’s sameness; wake up, put on gym gear, brush teeth, brush hair, boil water, argue with the dogs to “go pee”, feed them, grind coffee beans, pour coffee, drink water, laugh at Kuma who inevitably pretended to go pee and now needs to “really” go, make breakfast, pour coffee, walk to computer….log on and let the games begin.

Today there’s a world of change; wake up to the sounds of nature alive and teeming – not snow, wake up in a creaky old rental house that’s not mine, wake up 3 hours ahead of all my friends and family, wake up in America ~ content.


There’s a dryer full of dirty clothes tumbling around in my head. The dirty laundry of the past that flips and gets tossed around, familiar colours and patterns passing by the window of my mind, favourite and not so favourite memories of the last 38 years. Losses, gains, luxury, poverty, suffering, joy. Each year I sit to write these birthday entries for myself, for my family and for the curious few that may be bored enough to take a peek into my brain. Each year I try to re-read some, gain some perspective…..deep six another round of bad times and look forward to the good times.

This next year is terrifying. Exciting. Alive. It’s a gamble that we’ve decided to make that could change the course of our lives forever. Down to our last dimes, there’s no time for hope, only hard, hard work with a little bit of fun sprinkled throughout.

Thank you to everyone who’s been here on this last spin around the sun. The brave ones, the kind ones, the thoughtful and the inspirational. I continually look at the pioneers I know in awe. So many different lives handled in so many different ways, always good for putting perspective on the perplexing.

I’m going the anti-Yogi route of saying “fuck you” to the ones who tried to pull me down, the liars, the greedy, the mean spirited and generally lame ~ I have no good wishes for you, I have no quippy things to say about you teaching me lessons in some spiritual way. I’m 38 and you’re an asshole there’s nothing love-huggy about that.

I’m in the best emotional and physical shape of my life. Lets do this because I’ve got big dreams for 39 that don’t include dark times.

Happy Halloween.

XX – S