Burning those unwanted calories

Losing body fat is all about creating a energy balance (calories are energy). If we create a deficit we lose weight. I’m sure you’ve all heard me say this/post about this 100 times! Create an excess of calories and gain weight (good for creating muscle mass if done accurately).

Here are the ways we burn calories

Metabolism – physiological & biochemical processes

Non-exercise activity – regular daily rituals like brushing teeth, combing hair, standing up and sitting down

Thermic activity – Eating and digesting a meal (digest/absorb/process)

Exercise – Weight training, yoga, cycling, running (though endurance activity burns far more kcals)

Burning Cals Wisely – 2 methods discovered

Massive calorie deficiency and over exercising can lead to failure and metabolic breakdown if you aren’t careful. This is NOT good in any way shape or form. This is why we reverse diet from contests and big events like my FML Fat Fry program.


The best way to fire up your fat burning engine is with HIIT. This raises your heart rate quickly and creates an oxygen deficit. You also create an after burn effect (EPOC/Excess Post Oxygen Consumption) where you continue to burn calories even after training – for hours or days. Woop!

How to get ripped quickly? Move more. On average a healthy human should aim for 10k steps per day.

It doesn’t necessarily matter WHAT exercise you do, only that you’re creating a caloric deficit. But then again, who wants to be at the gym all day? Endurance athletes shoot glares my way now!

The amount you burn is dictated by volume and intensity – the longer you train (volume) the more you burn. The harder you train (intensity) the more you burn. If you can do both in one session OR double up – you will burn a massive amount of calories.

Thermic effect in food

Eating 4-5 small meals throughout the day instead of 3 (or fewer) has an inconclusive effect on your beltline. So the benefit here might not be to lose inches necessarily. What this does do, is stop you from getting hungry between meals and making bad decisions on snacks. This method will also keep your blood sugar more stable.  Ensuring you incorporate protein in every meal will increase the thermic effect your body will go through.

I personally subscribe to a 6 day per week training plan where I lift and complete HIIT cardio as well as MISS cardio. It’s all about variety, fun and hard work.

If you’re looking to fire up your routine and burn some extra fat or put on some lean gains, you know who to call!



Western & Natural Remedy Combos

Western & Natural Remedy Combos

August 15, 2017 @ Coolspa NYC

Thanks again to all of those who took the time to talk about natural remedies as companions at Coolspa Manhattan! There are so many ways to take care of aging gracefully and of course, nutrition is one of the primary focuses we should have.

To recap my self-care principals are;

  • Use a holistic approach in combination with western medicine to achieve/maximize results
  • Do not use a reductionist way of thinking ie: supplements/surgery only
  • Individualized and personal programs for skin/hair/dietary needs are always best

Collagen ~ Killers & Boosters:

Killers = Smoking, Sun, Sugar (avoid as much as possible)

Best bet once the damage is done = Sculptra

Collagen boosting herbs: chaga, red asparagus root, goji berry

Beauty teas:

Green Tea, Dandelion Tea, Ginger Tea – speed up metabolism & increase fat burn.

Nutrition Notes:

Foods that act like sunscreen (by keeping us anti-inflammatory): Good saturated fats, omega 3’s, lycopene, beta-carotine, vitamin E….avoid sugar, vegetable oil, processed foods.

Lycopene (carotenoid pigment) = red foods like tomato, tomato paste, watermelon, grapefruit, chili powder.

Beta-carotene – sweet potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, greens.

Skin cancer reduction – sulforaphane – Broccoli & broccoli sprouts, spinach, romaine

Tea – black white & green – but the best is matcha (sans sugar/dairy) 3x stronger than any tea tested for polyphenols.

Flax seed for omega 3’s – fiber/lignans – antioxidants

MCT – Coconut oil or STRAIGHT MCT oil (medium chain triglyceride)

Fat loss (what really works)

 Coolsculpting – As a companion to a fat burning diet & efficient express HIIT exercise.

Cellfina (cellulite)

Facts: Celluline is NOT fat. Collagen fibers bind fat to the skin, stretch & tear & allow fat cells to expand. Women have collagen arranged in parallel rows while men’s collagen is in an “x” shape which means smaller fat compartments, which means less dimpling. Also genes, inflammation & hormonal imbalances affect cellulite amounts.

Caffeine & retinol help – caffeine stimulates blood flow & shrinks fat cells temporarily, retinol helps repair cells over time. Layer retinol with caffeine. Won’t “remove” it but will diminish it.

 Prevention: Foam rolling, hiit interval training, sunblock – UV rays damage collagen & make cellulite more noticeable. Keep moving, keep connective tissue hydrated, stand periodically to stop compressing backs of legs.

 Foam rolling routine:  http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/melt-method

 HIIT – burn fat faster, for longer, in less time every day

Visit my website for free HIIT methods here: https://www.foodmedicinelife.com/product/1-week-fat-murdering-fitness-regime/

Nutritional / Herbal methods:

Antioxidant foods, inflammation reduction, B6 metabolized proteins, strengthens & repairs connective tissue. Diuretic foods eliminates excess water & bloating making cellulite less visible. Foods that improve blood flow like chilis & cayenne. Collagen enhancing foods ie: blueberries/blackberries. ACV – toxin flush (including stress hormones), re-balance estrogen production. water retention

Balance insulin with a mimicker like Glucose Disposal Agent – insulin is a fat storage hormone. No spikes, no high insulin prevents fat cells from expanding/forming lumps.

 Your answer to age spots = Lytera (cream) that brightens up your face – Lima beans

Facts: excess production of melanin (pigment) aging, sun, UV exposure

Prevention: antioxidants & vitamin C, raw vegetables (50%)

On-going care: sunblock & cold packs after heat exposure


Boost your own HGH NATURALLY – follow my “how to” article here:




Natural Oils with SPF

  • Red raspberry seed oil – SPF between 30-50 (protects agains UVA, UVB, and UVC rays!)
  • Carrot seed oil – SPF 35-40
  • Wheat germ oil – SPF 20
  • Avocado oil – SPF 15
  • Hazelnut oil – SPF 15
  • Coconut oil – SPF 8-10
  • Soybean oil – SPF 10
  • Olive oil – SPF 8
  • Macadamia oil – SPF 6
  • Almond oil – SPF 5
  • Jojoba oil – SPF 4
  • Rice bran oil – SPF 4


  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup shea butter
  • 1/8 avocado oil
  • 2 tbsp candelilla wax
  • 1 tsp. red raspberry seed oil
  • 1 tsp. carrot seed oil
  • Essential oils (optional)

Using a microwave or double boiler, melt your candelilla wax and shea butter. Once fully melted, add your coconut oil and avocado oil (while still heated in double broiler).

Remove from heat and place in fridge for 30 mins. Add in your red raspberry seed oil, carrot seed oil, and essential oil(s), and whip with a hand mixer until fluffy. Store your sunscreen in the fridge to extend its shelf life (6 months to a year).



1/4 ounce each:

– Vitamin E

– Jojoba oil

– Frankincense oil

–  Pomegranate oil

– Lavender oil

Mix in container with a dropper. Apply four to five drops on your face at night and massage it into the skin.

If all this information made you yell out “I can’t organize my life, I don’t know where to start, please, help me!”. Don’t become frustrated with yourself and give up. We have all been there and even fall off the wagon to return to a life of flailing after successes. It’s human and after all, unless you’re a Manatee that’s how you came to read this post.

Start with baby steps, incorporate one new “thing” per week and soon in as little as a month you will be well on your way to reversing the signs of premature aging without shelling out more than a few bucks.

xx – S






Healthy Fats ~ Your introduction to MCT Oils


Putting a spotlight on a health food product that some of you may not be aware of ~ MCT Oil. It’s pretty tiring to live with low fat dogma, so many folks who are misled have an utter lack of healthy saturated fats in their diets.

I said HEALTHY FATS, not the deep-fried, cancer-causing stuff!

MCT can be found in coconuts, coconut oil and palm kernel oil, small amounts of MCT can be found in butter and other high-fat dairy products from grass-fed cows and goats.

DO NOT CONFUSE extremely unhealthy industrial versions of coconut & palm oil (hydrogenated) with organic, virgin and unrefined oils available as “health foods.”

MCTs are medium chain triglycerides & can be turned into ketones, which are an excellent source of energy for your body — (better than glucose).Ketones produce less reactive oxygen species (ROS) when metabolized to produce ATP.Ketone supps are still under development so your best bet is to use MCTs found in foods and supplements.

My favourite (more costly) type of MCT is straight C8 (caprylic acid). It converts ketones faster than C10 fats & digests well.

Coconut oil provides a mix of all the medium-chain fats, including C6, C8, C10 and C12.When it comes to curbing hunger you want C8 and C10.Ketones aid in suppressing the hunger hormone.

MCT oil can be consumed every day. If just starting; 1 teaspoon of MCT oil per day with a handful of nuts, with creamer in your coffee or as one of the oils in your salad dressing. Once your tolerance increases, increase that amount to 4 tbsp per day. One of the ways you can improve your tolerance is by using the powdered form in shakes or home baked keto muffins or breads.MCT oil is more easily digested by those struggling to digest other types of fats ie; sufferers of malabsorption, leaky gut, Crohn’s disease or gallbladder infections/removals.

MCTs enhance thermogenesis and fat oxidation, thereby suppressing the deposition and accumulation of body fat.In other words, they have a heating effect, and your body can readily use ketones as fuel for energy in lieu of carbs. When you burn fat and produce more ketones using MCT, you are provided with effects that are very similar to the keto diet without having to reduce your net carbs as drastically.

MCTs Are Part of a Healthy Diet — They’re Not a Miracle Cure

If you are interested in trying this oil out for yourself, start slow and mind your guts! As always, a clean diet and regular exercise come first in maintaining a healthy weight, strong bones and low stress life.

xx – S

Immunity Boosting Soup ~ Thai Style!

I hosted a workshop in Calgary a few years back entitled ” Ass Kicking Immunity Boosters” at Bankers Hall Club and I toyed around with some great recipes that combat sickness. I’ve gone ahead and dug this one up because lately I’ve been party to a lot of public snorting and gurgling and throat clearing that HAS TO GO.

This recipe includes hyperlinks to sites for more information on why these foods are in your bodies’ favour. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to blog about everything under the sun…..so please do a little reading if you have the time.

Personally, I try as hard as I can to keep all of the healing methodologies I have learned in mind when I am preparing the meals that I serve in my home. This truly makes my food my medicine – aaaaah, what a blessing food is.

I whipped up this soup based on a few similar soups I have tasted in order to have an amazing meal, while at the same time ensuring my body is kicking the ass of any sickness it may be carrying.

Happy dining – if you love Thai food, you’ll love this simple dish. About 1 hour from prep to table.


2 inches of peeled finely sliced ginger
1 large shallot minced
1 small leek (white/green end only)
1 large clove garlic minced
2 medium sized yams (orange)
1 can coconut milk
3-4 cups veggie broth
1 large tsp lemongrass paste
2 tbsp lime juice
1 handful chopped cilantro
1 tbsp hot sauce or chopped hot chili pepper
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 pinch each salt and pepper


#1 Roast yams: 400 degree oven for 45 minutes. Until easily forked *hee hee*….remove from oven, peel off skin (I love eating the skin, reminds me of crunchy deep fried chicken skin – YES I can still revel in the tastes I gave up), cut into small bite sized cubes.

#2 While the yams are roasting: large saucepan or med sized pot heat sesame oil on medium heat.
*Add ginger, garlic, shallot and leek. Cook for 5-7 minutes or until ginger is tender.
*Stir in coconut milk, veggie broth until boiling.
*Add lemon grass paste, lime juice, hot sauce/pepper and boil for 1 minute. Reduce heat to simmer. *Add chopped yam and allow to simmer for at least 10 minutes to take on flavour of soup.
*Add pinch salt, stir and simmer for 1-2 more minutes.

Remove from heat and serve with fresh cilantro on top, you could also drizzle a little sesame oil on if desired.

Serves 4.

The art of the juice cleanse

Many times have I committed to a juice cleanse and never have I managed to document any of the experience for clientele or the general public. Because I have embarked on yet another cleanse I feel that I had the time and space to do this – because I’m not leading a group cleanse or making juices myself.

This time, I decided to go with a commercially purchased cleanse. I looked at several options before taking the plunge and took several items into consideration:

– what was the company selling the cleanse all about

– where were they located

– price & value

– ease of starting/receiving juice

I had initially chosen a company out of Calgary as this would be a place to pick up from that was easily accessible and had nearly 0 carbon footprint. Unfortunately, they took more than forever to return emails (terrible, spoiled Albertan vendors with no idea of the rest of the worlds customer service initiatives *steam*, this province is so alienated by the oil and gas industry) and when then did, they were not helpful, or cheery, with getting a cleanse to me outside of their prescribed days and times – even though I said I would pick up.

So, as it has been going lately, I decided to look out of province. Why? Well, their markets aren’t as inflated and their vendors generally care about having paying customers.

Enter “Raw Raw” Cleanse: http://www.rawrawcleanse.com.

It took me just 2 days and $200 per person for a 6 day cleanse to arrive via courier to my office. Tina, the proprietor was very helpful. We had a bit of a hiccup with juice types and after sending an email, I was assured the additional juice would arrive next-day (today hopefully) to get the sequencing of juices done right. Wow.

If you are interested in the juices I have been drinking you can find them HERE. 



The juice arrived at 10 am to our offices. It came packaged in a styrofoam cooler with cooling gel packs above and below the juice. The package also contained a juicing reusable bag, a note on the expiry, a 25% off coupon and a quick reference card for consuming the juices in the right order.



The "how to"

Because I was ravenous, I opened up the cooler and immediately (took pics for all of you) then shook and guzzled my first “Clean Greens”. I’ll just put it out there, green smoothies are NOT my favourite, never will be. I understand their vital importance in balancing our vitamins and minerals, but they are sour, and so was this one.

Next, on my way to a meeting I grabbed the ginger berry. WAY more my style and super easy to drink with a lovely ginger taste – can’t complain.

I did a couple random circles around the office looking at trail mix and bananas, but I did not partake. Win. Next, Cool melon. This is where I learned I didn’t have any cool melon but double the almond milk variety. So I drank an almond milk one…it was great – a little extra nut fiber in there, but it was good. Cool melon – for real – on the way home I snaked a cool melon out of my boyfriends order. Simple, sweet and minty – I actually use the same recipe for watermelon martinis in the summer.

On the way home, I was feeling like I needed a nap. By the time I got home, I completely thought I would have one – except work got in the way a bit. I felt SUPER agro for about 1 hour, so I ate a handful of cashew nuts – raw ones. By the time I walked the dogs and puttered around with small chores, I realized I might as well just get on with it and do my day 8 of 21 Day HIIT challenge. During this 20 minute super workout I felt like I had OK energy and could cope with all the exercises without utter exhaustion.

I then used the next Clean Greens as a post-workout drink – it still tasted bad. I was in bed reading by 8:30pm and sipped away at the final Citrus beverage until I fell asleep. I LOVE this one. Spicy, citrus-y, deliciousness. At this point, I was feeling full and so far haven’t felt starving. I don’t think Jeff can say the same.

I fell asleep and was probably up around 3am. Not sure if the lack of sleep ability was the dogs or what, but it was a tough night.


Waking up was a bit hellish. I managed to get back to sleep by 6 am and slept until about 7:45.

Got out of bed, guzzled some water and had my first Clean Greens. I didn’t feel hungry at all, and I still don’t.

As I sit and write this I miss coffee. The smell, the taste and the buzz. Hoping that getting through my errands and a big dog walk will pull me into the land of the living by 11 am.

Stay tuned……………………….

I headed out of the house just after 10 am with my second (and favourite) juice in-hand to have a scoot through the country with my pups.  I took the dogs out for a walk in the woods and nearly left them there – woah nelly, settle down. A little bit more easily aggravated these days I have to admit. Hangry. By 1130 am I was still tired and now annoyed at my dogs.  Again, I drove home and thought I was going to crash heavily, and didn’t. Instead, I had a handful of cashews, brewed up an herbal peppermint tea and hunkered down to watch a very disturbing movie on Netflix. I hopped up for one of the many million pee’s during the movie and grabbed by third juice of the day for “lunch”. I have just taken the dogs out for another walk, wrote a letter and am now going to attempt my HIIT for the day: WORK OUT .

It is currently 7 pm. I made it through a HIIT and 12 minutes of a 20 minute spin – legs were far too tired – I also managed a bit of Yoga without issue.

I lapped up half a clean green for a recovery drink, with a small handful of cashews.

Literally a handful of cashews.
Literally a handful of cashews.

Let me tell you , my stomach was grumbling, so I had another cup of herbal mint tea and did some laundry. I think I may pay heed to the recommendation of “moderate” exercise. I don’t even listen to my own good advice.

I currently have two juices left and am feeling quite alert. Not aggravated, that was definitely a morning thing. Though, I have been fantasizing about food for the last couple of hours. Poor Jeff, went to his grandmas and she ordered a pizza. Ruthless day for him.

I would call day 2 a success……nighty night until tomorrow!

DAY 3 

Day three arrived. My sleep wasn’t nearly as interrupted as last night however, I still woke up a little tired. Getting the ball rolling on the day seemed a little less painless and I had no desire to eat or any hunger.

The work day was 10 hours long with no breaks, a few times I had to run to Jeff’s office to scarf down some almonds & cashews. Probably ate at least 3/4 of a cup of each throughout the day.

I thought about food all day. When I wasn’t stressing about something, I literally only thought about food. I had to plan a luncheon for tomorrow and ordered about twice as much pizza for 15 people as I should have. I could taste it.

I think today was the hardest day by far. Knowing it’s nearly over and hearing a little voice inside your head say “c’mon, just have a snack”……I’ve been beating that voice back all day.

There is one more drink to go before bed. I know I can make it, I think Jeff has at least 5 meals prepared for us to eat tomorrow – which is SUCH a bad idea when you’re coming off of a cleanse. Honestly – ease into it with soup and salads….or suffer the wrath.

The dirty bits: bowel movements still occurring however, not at the mass and frequency expected. I didn’t go at all yesterday, no urge either. Jeff wont let me talk about his poops in public. Sissy.

Overall, today I felt the most spacey I have and the most weak. I opted for a longer walk with the dogs instead of exercising at full out capacity.

Ok, I lied. I'm a workout addict.
Ok, I lied. I’m a workout addict.

I will say that removing meals does remove a sense of community and that is one part of the human culture that I quite enjoy. There is a certain void left in a day where there is no communion with others, a sharp empty space that only cooking and enjoying a meal can fill. That, is what I truly craved most in this cleanse.

Staying motivated when the gas tank is empty

How about a selfie?
How about a selfie?

After getting a message from a client I decided to post my recommendations to her in the form of a blog post because I think we can all become demotivated at a certain point in our training and need a little pick me up. So in response to the lovely “Miss T’s” question of:

 “I’ve gone through a bit of a miserable rut…how to pull oneself out of it? I forced myself through a total body burn this morning, but I’m still feeling lethargic and unmotivated. Where can I get the juice to tackle my final layer of flab?”

Hmmm. This is a personal thing BUT I find a number of things work for me:

1 – No matter how small – reward yourself. Whether it’s a new pair of underwear, tickets to an upcoming show or an amazing latte from your fave coffee spot – you need something to be motivated toward.

2 – Vision board – as corny as it sounds, it works. Having a constant reminder of what you’re working for keeps the dream alive. Even something small, with a few clippings from magazines and newspapers posted next to your medicine cabinet re-affirms your decisions

3 – Revamp your routine with new exercises and a new music playlist – I’m personally on month 3.5 of the same workout routine and am DEADLY bored with it but my music choices can push me through even the worst parts of a boring workout. Also, some days I switch up alternatives that aren’t on my strict plan just to spice things up.

4 – Motivate someone else around you. It’s hard going it alone with a healthy lifestyle, believe you me. What motivates me a LOT is helping others and knowing that they are looking to me as a sense of accomplishment or someone to look up to. I can’t fail or let go because I’m not only letting myself down, but the people I “preach” to as well.

5 – Get in the gear and get in gear. Sometimes just putting on your gym outfit can make the process a little easier. Laying in bed and dreading the inevitable sucks, so don’t do it. Maybe even get a selfie (I know it can be irritating and corny) and text it to your gym pal, BFF or coach to let them know you’re digging deep and getting it done.

And as a little extra motivation, here’s a playlist to try on for size:

  • KMFDM – Drug Against War
  • SNFU – Stepstranger
  • SNFU – Cheap Transistor Radio
  • Jello Biafra – Jesus Was a Terrorist
  • Jello Biafra – Bad
  • L7 – Wargasm
  • The Lost Fingers – Touch Me
  • The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Bellbottoms
  • Meat Puppets – Big House
  • The Roots – I Remain Calm
  • The Roots – You Ain’t Fly
  • The Rapture – No Sex For Ben
  • Dwarves – Salt Lake City
  • Voodoo Glow Skulls – Stranded In The Jungle
  • The Ramones – Judy Is A Punk
  • The Ramones – Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
  • The Ramones – Let’s Dance
  • Bad Religion – I Want To Conquer The World
  • Bad Religion – No Control
  • Dag Nasty – Under Your Influence
  • Fitz and The Tantrums – Breakin’ The Chains of Love
  • Fitz and The Tantrums – Dear Mr. President

Skinny fat / Fat skinny – why you’re rotting



You’re skinny. You never have to work out because you just can’t gain weight. You’re a “lucky skinny girl”, you have “great genes”….blah blah blah.

What if your luck was actually a curse? On the outside you look amazing (ish) but on the inside, you’re falling apart.

I took this AMAZING 😉 picture of myself in the washroom today just before I went to work out and was reminded that of an experience I needed to blog about.

I was prompted to write this post after a short vacation we took to Mexico last month. While strolling by the beach, a young girl in front of us was preoccupied with a conversation on her phone. Twenty, thin and wrinkle-free, I was drawn to her as she walked ahead wrapped in a towel. I looked her up and down (as most females at least do) and as I came to see her knees and what dangled below them, I was shocked. Twenty-four inches of noodles held together by feet and knees stood erect, tubular and without shape. Slightly bowed, thin and tanned.

I looked at my partner and said “please tell me that my legs do NOT look like that, they’re so dead looking!” He quickly responded with a “NO!” and something like “gee, those things have no shape….”

My mind swam with all of the STUPID ideas that women have been made to accept, and I was mad. Nuts are fat, avocado is fat, coconut milk is fat, you have to weigh XXX in order to be sexy…diet, lean cuisine, Dr. Bernstein, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers. I mean c’mon, space food in micro-portions, filled with preservatives, GMO’s and carcinogens, burned to a crisp in your microwave is healthier than eating heaps of REAL food and moving your body???

There’s something very wrong with this picture.

And so the person that lingered up the beach before me bore the resemblance of what I see so often in the mainstream media and unfortunately in the general public.

Skinny-fat people, as they are sometimes called, fall prey to some pretty harsh health realities because of the neglect and damage they unknowingly subject their bodies to. Namely a lack of exercise/nutrition. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes(not just for fatties), dental hygiene damage, hair loss, dermatological issues, stress, depression, anxiety…..you name it.

Why you would neglect your HEART, the force that gives you life, I do not know. But PLEASE, please for your own sake, educate yourself. Go for a walk, do some weight training, be active, see the world. There is a happier, healthier, more amazing person in that tiny flabby body, I promise.

If you choose not to, that’s your life, but please, for the love of all things holy, do not breed. The world does not need any more people with nothing to give back. Even better, get yourself fixed.

If you want help, Google is there for you. If not, I am. You can do it.

Easy, quick results….ok, I’m sold.

I decided to share this with the inter web because everyone deserves to see a little truth behind working out once in a while. I am not necessarily bashful however, I AM a little embarrassed of myself when I let laziness or “life” carry me away from my passion of being active and fit. And that’s how this story starts. 
Over the last month and a bit I really let myself go….by my standards. Why? Well my little baby dog died and a slew of other obstacles presented themselves and instead of keeping focused, I internalized, I drank too much wine and I didn’t work out beyond walking my dogs a couple of times per day. I stopped cooking every day and was eating out at least once per day…it was madness for my usually clean, active and positive world. 
In this amount of time I managed to gain weight and become trapped in a cycle of bad moods and lethargy. 
Then the new year happened, I kicked it into high gear with running, yoga and cooking at home. What I didn’t expect to do was to join this 30 day challenge online (for free) and see results in 9 days. I’ve still had the odd beer, wine and even nacho’s last weekend. 
No money, no equipment and just 12 minutes per day, all arriving in my inbox. 
I didn’t adhere to rest days, and usually run for 30 minutes or do a 1 hour hot yoga/flow class to pair up with the 12 minutes. I also love skiing, hiking and spinning…..so changing it up helps. 
If you have 12 minutes to watch TV (ok, I don’t have TV but say Facebook then….)you have 12 minutes to at least give yourself the gift of movement. 
Check out BodyRockTV here https://www.facebook.com/BodyRock.Tv
If you’re looking for menu tips, check out some of my recipes and skip purchasing their menu plan. If you’re looking for alternatives to their equipment, check my feed on TWITTER: @trimmingthefat for alternatives on exercises and what equipment I did or didn’t use. 
Long story short, I’m astonished at the results for what I think is very little effort on my part. 
I’m proud of myself, and if you need a nudge, I hope this got you there.