DAY 12 – Healing through gratitude

At first thought, for me, gratitude seems to be something you show only when you receive a tangible gift. A birthday or Christmas present, maybe someone picks up the cheque at lunchtime, that kind of stuff. But the more that I delve into myself and the world around me I realize, “hey, I have a lot more that I should be grateful for”. And so do we all.

There is a very real healing effect initiated in your body when you express gratitude towards people or things outside of yourself. This can be measured biochemically, while other aspects of it are currently beyond scientific measurement. Expressing gratitude initiates a powerful healing effect in your own mind and body.

What do I have to be thankful about? Plenty.

Being able to genuinely express gratitude requires you to shift your focus away from the negative and on to what you are actually thankful for.It is easy to forget to be thankful for all the amazing things in our lives every single day, and I’m writing here to help you find your way too!

Western society tends to focus on what we don’t have. We don’t have enough money, we don’t have enough time, we don’t have the partner we’re looking for, the list could go on forever. The more we take the time out to find what is REALLY important to us, the more we can find our true gratitude, accelerating inner healing as a result.

Some truly AWESOME things you have to be thankful for:

• Your health – be thankful for the health you have.
• Your family
• Your freedom
• Your brilliance, consciousness and awareness.
• Your experiences/memories
• The sun beaming through your window right now
• Food and seeds, gifts from mother nature
• The income that you create to support yourself
• Your desire to learn new things
• A realization or philosophy that you follow
• Your pets

Take a few moments and think about what you are thankful for. You may even wish to take a few minutes to jot down some notes for yourself to look back on when you may have lost your gratitude.

Take a time out – just a couple of minutes per day!
Take the time each day to review the list you have made and truly feel thankful for the things that you do have. Try saying it loud, it may change your perceptions when you hear your own voice being thankful! This will help you to create positivity and you will increase the joy in your day.

How is gratitude “healing”?
Every type of energy that you express to someone else is reflected in you. So if you express hatred toward some other person there is an element of that energy that is also expressed internally. To hate someone else is to subject yourself to some reflection of that own hate, in other words.

To express thankfulness towards something else causes a reflection of that positive energy to be felt inside.

Anger cannot coexist with gratitude
Anger is a destructive emotion that causes stress, adrenal depletion and tension throughout the body. You can learn to replace negative emotions with gratitude, anger cannot coexist with gratitude.

This doesn’t mean you have to run around blindly thankful for everything without discerning times when criticism or anger might be called for, but the more you can find the gratitude everyday, the more active your body’s inner healing processes.

I’ll start here; I am thankful today for my health, my love, the sunshine, my family (furry and otherwise) and the awesome feeling I experience knowing this blog is helping out someone out there.

Thank you to you all for your presence!


DAY #11 – Healing yourself by eating more NOT less!

Sometimes when we are starting out on a new life path, or even just changing up our diet, there are a lot of NO’s and Negatives associated with that. If you are someone like me who went from Carnivore to Vegetarian to Vegan and now on to Rawfoodist…you will find that you grow weary from time to time of all of the NO’s. Avoid cheese, avoid sugar, avoid diet sodas, avoid processed meat, avoid MSG, etc. For many people, the list of things to avoid becomes so large and confusing that they just give up trying to be healthier.

Instead of whittling your way down to eating dust and being discouraged, wouldn’t you rather actually eat more? Yes, that’s right, MORE. It may sound familiar – eat 5 small meals per day NOT three – but it’s more than that. If you are interested in finding out more about keeping your belly AND your heart full, read on dear readers. Read on.

xo S

How eating more promotes real healing

Here’s how: There’s a physical limit of how much stuff you can eat in one day. So by adding certain healthy foods and aiming to achieve the goal of eating MORE of those foods, you will automatically end up dropping something else out of your diet without really trying.

Aim to eat three whole fruits per day; one before each meal. Each day consume a total of three whole fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, mangos, large plums, etc. But here’s the key in all this: You must eat one whole fruit BEFORE each meal.

Eat whatever it is you normally eat, but add three whole fruits per day. (Not dried fruits. They must be fresh, whole fruits of a significant size.)

Let’s say you eat at McDonald’s each day, for example. And let’s say you order a Big Mac, fries and a Coke for lunch each day. Now, with this “eat more” principle in place, you precede each McDonald’s meal with the consumption of a whole, fresh fruit. Two important things will happen:

#1) The fruit contains nutrients that will help protect you from the damaging ingredients of cooked foods, processed foods or chemical food ingredients. (Because fruits contain natural medicines.)

#2) The whole fresh fruit will take up more physical space in your stomach, making you feel full faster and causing you to stop eating the other stuff sooner. You may find yourself suddenly unable to finish your Big Mac and fries, for example. You may not even know why but then it hits you: Oh yeah, I ate the fresh fruit before this meal!

Naturally, I hope you choose organic fruit for this, but even if you don’t, eating conventionally-grown fresh fruit is better than nothing!

Eat more superfoods

Microalgae like chlorella, spirulina or food-based vitamins like those from Pure Synergy (this could be in the form of powder, tablets or capsules). So at some point each morning take as directed on the product labels.

DO NOT swallow a handful of vitamins, many of which are made with synthetic chemicals. Only real food here — superfoods in a supplement form.

Doing this will cause something else quite amazing to happen in your body: Unhealthy cravings will start to vanish. Within just 30 days, in fact, you may suddenly begin to notice that your cravings for unhealthful snack foods and carbohydrates begin to fade. You may no longer feel the need to eat the cookies, donuts, ice cream or fried foods that you were once drawn to.

Why does this work? Because many cravings are simply biochemical translations of your body’s cry for nutrients. And superfood supplements fill your body with abundant nutrients that you might be missing. As your body realizes it’s no longer deficient in crucial minerals and other micronutrients, your cravings are automatically turned off, putting YOU back in control over what you choose to eat.

Eat more REAL salt

This one will shock many people. Some doctors swear this is bad advice, but that’s only because they don’t acknowledge the difference between real salt and processed “refined” salt. Refined salt is bad for you. Real, full-spectrum salt is good for you!

Processed salt raises blood pressure and promotes disease. Full-spectrum salt, on the other hand, may actually have the opposite effect. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that cravings for salty snack foods are often just cravings for full-spectrum salt.

See some full-spectrum salt products here:….

If you already exhibit symptoms of high blood pressure, don’t add salt to your diet without removing some processed salt from it first. Check with your naturopathic physician on this matter. But if your blood pressure is normal, adding full-spectrum salt to your diet is generally considered remarkably safe by some, but I’m no doctor so please do consult a physician if you need to.

Drink a fresh superfood smoothie each day

It doesn’t even matter what time you drink it, really: Just find a way to add a full 8 oz. glass of freshly-squeezed fruits and vegetables to your daily intake of foods and beverages.

The ingredients should be fresh produce only. Examples: Celery, parsley, cucumbers, apples, pears, watermelon, beets, kale, broccoli, berries and so on. You may add a natural sweetener such as stevia.

You’ll need to make this juice yourself in a juicer or at least in a high powered blender. Blentec and Vitamix are recommended brands, but the “regular” ones do just as well. .

Alternatively, if you cannot make fresh juice each day, the next best thing is to drink a superfood product that you mix with water instead. There are many to choose from in this category here are some recommendations:

Rejuvenate (…), Boku Superfood (…), Pure Synergy (…), Healthforce Nutritionals (…), Living Fuel ( and so on. These aren’t quite as fresh and “alive” as homemade juice made from fresh produce, but they’re the next best thing.

Naked and Odwalla Juices DO NOT COUNT!!

• Eat three fresh raw fruits each day (one before each major meal)
• Superfood supplements each day
• Eat more full-spectrum salt (ideally as a replacement for processed “refined” salt)
• Drink a fresh superfood smoothie each day


DAY #10 – Maintain the largest organ you have – your skin! THE HEALING YOURSELF SERIES

As a person with skin problems including psoriasis and itchy skin I am all over this segment of the healing yourself series. The consumer products industry wants you to believe everything they say and do to keep us buying their products. Including the notion that the chemicals you put on your skin don’t get absorbed into your bloodstream. So there’s no need to make sure consumer products are actually safe.

Some members of the conventional medical field as well as the FDA refuse to acknowledge the absorption properties of the skin, so they tend to say that all the things you put on your skin are perfectly safe for your health even if they contain toxic chemicals. (Of course, these very same people then promote nicotine patches and other drugs delivered through the skin, so they do indirectly acknowledge that the skin absorbs chemicals.)

Items that come into contact with your skin and are absorbed into your body::

• Perfumes, colognes and other fragrance products.
• Shampoo.
• Shower soap or shower gel products.
• Pesticides used on your lawn which are carried to you through pets or children.
• Skin creams.
• Sunscreen products.
• Cosmetics.
• Antibacterial hand soaps.
• Laundry detergents and dryer sheets (through your clothing).
• Dish soaps.
• Furniture polishes.
• Household cleaners such as window cleaners.
• Artificial dyes found in clothing.
• Feminine hygiene products.
• Deodorants and anti-perspirants.
• Shaving creams and after-shave products.
• Hair dyes.
• Massage oils and lotions.
• Hair sculpting products and hair sprays.
• Tattoos and temporary skin art.
• Insect repellants.
• Over-the-counter creams: Anti-itch, pain creams, etc.
• Chlorine in your shower water.
• Anti-flea and tick chemicals acquired by touching your pets.

Some, not all, of these items have been identified as Cancer-causing chemicals due to specific ingredients they contain. Try googling the ingredients on your shampoo bottle for starters.

The average perfume product contains over twenty cancer-causing chemicals all by itself — these usually are not listed on the label. Antibacterial soaps are made with a chemical that’s similar to the nerve toxin chemical called Agent Orange which was used as a chemical weapon in the Vietnam War.

Hair dyes contain highly toxic chemical solvents. Conventional laundry detergents are made with extremely toxic cancer-causing fragrance chemicals. Conventional cosmetics are loaded with not just cancer-causing chemicals, but also heavy metals like lead. Lawn pesticides contain chemicals that promote Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

The products listed in this blog post could contain over 10,000 different synthetic chemicals, and virtually none of them have ever been safety tested or approved as safe for human consumption by any federal agency. The EPA doesn’t know what many of these chemicals are because companies claim they need to protect their formulation “trade secrets”, ommiting their listing on the product contents.

Why are you putting them on your skin?

Consumers are influenced by advertising. Take for instance the advertising of a cologne product called “Axe” which is marketed to clueless teenage boys who naively believe that wearing these toxic chemicals will magically bring them hoards of women who want to have sex with them. Use Axe, get laid. Gee, don’t we all wish it was that simple? Sex sells.

People are poisoning themselves by poisoning their skin with synthetic chemicals all the while believing they are being health conscious.

Action items: What you can do right now

Go through your entire house, covering every room including the garage, under the kitchen sink, the bathroom closet and so on. Gather up every “chemical” product and throw them all out. (You’re poisoning the environment by doing so, of course, but you’re going to make up for that by never buying these products again…)

Include conventional cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, fragrance products, cleaning products, laundry products, bug sprays, air “fresheners”.

More importantly make a commitment to never buy these products again. That’s the only way to enjoy a long-term benefit for your health, of course. Short-term pain to your wallet, long term gain for your health.

Detox your body from these synthetic chemicals using a variety of detox products: Zeolites, chlorella supplements, cilantro, spirulina, etc. Drink a lot of water. Take liver detox herbs to support healthy liver function during all this.

I have included some pictures of some safe products here that you can use! I highly recommend 7th Generation for cleaning, The Body Shop and Tarte for personal care products.

Source: Natural News