The art of the juice cleanse

Many times have I committed to a juice cleanse and never have I managed to document any of the experience for clientele or the general public. Because I have embarked on yet another cleanse I feel that I had the time and space to do this – because I’m not leading a group cleanse or […]

sugar cookie

Beat the winter blues before they get to you – lets move!

Every fall, without fail, a slow trickle of sadness comes over me. At first, it’s a tiny leak only the keenest ear could hear. When ignored, sad evolves into a tornado. A formidable monster of frustration, resentment and loathing for pretty much nothing in particular. Sound familiar? Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. However much […]

Nourishing your mind and body | Delivering freedom.

Sunless tanners – good for you & our animal friends.

  Summertime is here and I bet it’s travel season for most of you. You’re getting ready to hit the road AND be #Fitontheroad, right? Being “healthy” also  includes keeping your skin safe from the elements while trying your best to keep your abs safe from over indulgence. Keeping your skin safe could mean opting out of sun bathing […]

Lorna Jane Shoot 044

Is it the end of the road, or just a pit stop for a funnel cake?

Aaaaah, the final hours until the last adventure of my spring set of competitions. Silent woods, steaming black coffee and a mind full of reflection, possibility, excitement and relief. The end of the road ~ how does that feel for you? For me, it’s like approaching the top of the last peak on a roller […]


Becoming Little Miss Bikini – Episode 9 – Peak Week

I’ve finally made peace with this whole thing I’ve decided…sitting here covered in haemorrhoid ointment, festooned in my luxurious Jacques Cousteau leggings, clutching my morning coffee mug like a life raft. Peak week is upon me and I’ve thrown out all my preconceived notions about anything I thought I knew. Salt baths, more cardio, less cardio, […]


Adventure – 27 reasons why you need it.

Thank you to Elephant Journal for posting some top notch bloggers from time to time. While I don’t love ALL their stuff, amazing quotes that inspire are always welcome in my life. 1. “No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.” ~ Lewis Carroll 2. “Never say ‘no’ to adventures. Always say […]


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