Client Spotlight for Careers & Fitness – Shandi B

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT – Careers & Fitness / Family with Shandi As a single 20 something, how did your “fitlife” look? (Ha never single, we have been together since High school) I played soccer once a week and the odd practice). Played softball off and on but that was pretty much just drinking and hitting the […]


To flake…or not to flake

  Here I sit crafting this particular post because lately the theme around the wellness industry has been FLAKES. Loads of ’em. Making alliances and bailing at the last moment, looking to get something for nothing, failing to understand business relationships…the list goes on and on. In being a part of so many of these […]

April 22 2016 Import 4697

Summer fruit salad – packaging free

Another visit to Earl Grey School in Calgary, this time to talk about how we get around the grocery store. We touched on Organics, packaging, marketing and a bit of advertising to children. We reviewed a lot of sometimes foods and what areas they can be found in and studied a map of a typical […]


Becoming Little Miss Bikini – S2 Ep 7 * 1 down, 2 to go

Hello there everyone! I’m writing you from 3 sleeps out to the NPAA contest in Calgary May 22. I’ve successfully completed one competition with the INBF in Vancouver and have brought home a gold in Open Womens Bikini Tall and a Silver in Masters Bikini. This weekend I’ll be competing in 2 Pro Card qualifying […]


Becoming Little Miss Bikini – Episode 4 – Life Changes & Coping

WOAH. That’s how I feel I need to start this post off because a lot of what I’ve been going through I did NOT expect. Especially getting emotionally attached to even just the idea of food. By this point in my journey I’ve gotten 3 solid weeks into training, eating and adapting to my new […]


Creamy Vegan Cashew Dressing

  Sauces make the greatest accompaniment for salads, sandwiches, toppings, marinades, dips and drizzles. Once you have a good couple of ingredients you know how to work with (how to correct, increase and decrease a basic flavouring) you’re ready to get cracking on some adventurous numbers. This recipe, is a great starter sauce you can build […]


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