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I can’t imagine a salad that takes on more flavour than this. A great, quick recipe that only requires a bit of patience during the require marinating.
If you love potent flavours that draw your sense of taste through a pretty exciting story – you’ll love this salad.
8 large carrots washed, peeled & shredded
1 large yellow onion sliced & diced
6 cloves garlic diced tiny or pressed
1 tsp coriander & coriander seeds
1-2 tsp cayenne pepper * start small and taste for your heat specifications
4-5 tbsp white vinegar
1-2 tbsp honey or sugar
3 tbsp grape seed / plain coconut / olive oil
* I use my own cayenne pepper infused olive oil in this recipe
Shred carrots & press/dice garlic. Mix together.
Heat 1 tbsp oil in pan. Saute onion until clear. Add powdered coriander & optional cayenne.
In large bowl mix all ingredients. Taste test for heat/sweetness/sour. I always add little by little until the flavour I prefer comes around. Marinating will bring out more and more flavour as well. Toss in 1 tbsp of corriander seeds at the end.
Cover (to eliminate fridge funk) and leave to marinate in fridge for 4 hours or more. Best after 24 hours. Keeps for 5 days.
Serves 6 as a side dish.
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