Transcendental Meditation

Through my Yoga practice, I find that even just the postures and stillness of the room brings me a level of peace that I desperately need in my life. Suffering with panic attacks is NOT fun, anxiety where not understood, is something hard to live with in every day life.

I am not a student of Transcendental Meditation, but I have meditated off for years. I have observed Korean, Japanese and Western methodologies and have been exposed to Indian meditative processes as well.

I really am enjoying the last year where I have been applying a more “western” twist to my mindfulness to be able to tap into my calm even while out and about.

I noted one day on Facebook that an old acquaintance of mine from the Dance world had been following this type of meditation for some time. I thought I would pass on the information she posted to you all.

Do you subscribe to meditation practices? Have you every tried Transcendental Meditation?

Try this TM Meditation I found & let me know what you think!

  • Close your eyes, wait a few seconds, and then start thinking the mantra. It is thought repeatedly only in the beginning of meditation.
  • After a while you should “let it go” and “allow the mantra to change in any way it wants”. Whether it gets louder or softer, faster or slower down, clearer or fainter, we just take it as it comes. Its is more of a “hearing” of the mantra than repeating it, and that is why TM movement calls the technique “effortless”.
  • Allow thoughts to come and go along with the mantra. There is no attempt to push thoughts out of our mind or use the mantra to override them.
  • When the mantra disappears and the mind goes off on thoughts we quietly come back to it. This means that all we have to do is become (aware) that we are no longer hearing the mantra and the awareness of that will be quite sufficient to bring the mantra back to us.
  • At the end of meditation stop thinking the mantra and wait about 2 minutes before opening the eyes.

And the list of mantras can be found here:

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