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I love this girl. She’s a mom, a wife, a teacher and a very dear LONG time friend of mine…talking over 35 years now – I blush…..thank you Andi Pandi for being a sweetheart of a client AND friend AND participating in this Q&A with how little time you have.

xx ~ S

You note your main challenge around nutrition is being LOW fodmap. How long did this take you to discover?

A long time! I have had a weird stomach for most of my adult life. I just thought that this was how my body was and it was normal. It all came to a head about 3 years ago when I had a very challenging year at work and my symptoms became worse ( I was missing work days at a time).

With SO many sensitivities under that umbrella, how did you find what foods negatively impact you personally?

When I was diagnosed with IBS (which you do by ruling everything else out), my doctor told me to research and follow a low FODMAP diet. This involves not eating anything with high FODMAP for a couple of weeks and then slowly introduce a type of high FODMAP food (Oligos, Fructose, Polyols, Lactose) back into your diet and then see how you do.

Do you notice that you make concessions with your eating habits to make meal times easier with your husband & kids?

On occasion, I will make concessions but it is when the food my husband is making is so delicious I need to try some not to make meal times easier. When I do indulge it is in small amounts so the payback won’t be so bad. Lately though I have stopped being so lazy and have started cooking more myself rather than relying on Daniel for meals (partly because me becoming Vegan is too hard for him- cry me a river)

How long have you been suffering with the symptoms of IBS etc…?

Pretty much my whole adult life.

Do you take any supplements that work for you?

Probiotics are key. I have also seen a Dr. of Chinese Traditional Medicine who whips up a mix of herbs that settle my digestion down a bit if I do overindulge.

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