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Vegan pet food – a winning solution for dogs, cats and the planet!

If you are a vegan yourself and are a guardian to a dog or a cat, you might have considered a plant-based pet diet for your companion animal. You may have looked it up online and found a lot of conflicting information, and are not sure where to go from here. Internet is full of stories of how cats and dogs get sick from eating lettuce and carrots, and these stories may have deterred you from giving vegan pet food a chance. Do not let these stories fool you: diet consisting of lettuce is a far cry from a well-balanced, complete vegan pet diet. Dogs and cats do benefit from a plant-based diet as much as humans do, as long as their food is properly balanced and nutritionally complete.

Does vegan pet food have all the ingredients my animal needs?

According to Dr. Armaiti May, a practicing veterinarian, animals have requirements for nutrients, but not necessarily ingredients. There is no reason why diets comprised entirely of plants, minerals, and synthetically-derived ingredients cannot meet the necessary palatability, bioavailability, and nutritional requirements of animals. Vegan pet food industry has come a long way to develop formulas that are healthy, balanced and meet the nutritional standards of the pet food industry. For example, our vegan products meet the required standard for protein (30%), sourced from peas, sunflower seeds, soy and maize.

If a required nutrient is not available from plant sources, laboratory created version is used instead of it. For example, you may have heard of ‘taurine’ – an essential amino-acid, necessary for proper cardiovascular function and eyesight in cats. Since taurine does not exist in plants, ‘vegan taurine’ was created in the lab — a synthesized version, which has exactly the same properties as taurine in meat. (Interestingly, most commercial meat-based formulas use the exact same synthetic taurine in their formulations, because the natural taurine is baked off during the production due to high temperature and pressure.) Our 100% vegan pet products contain all the nutrients, minerals and amino acids required by stringent nutritional standards for pet food.

What to expect during and after transitioning?

If you decide to transition your animal to a plant-based diet, the next step is to choose the right product. Sample packs are available to help you decide which product works best for your animal (and your wallet). Does your animal require hypoallergenic or non-GMO food? Would you like to cook meals at home or buy a manufactured kibble? Do you prefer wet or dry food? These are important questions to consider when choosing a vegan pet food product.

You have chosen a product, purchased a sample pack, and are now ready to start introducing the new food. Transitioning period takes about 2 weeks, during which the new vegan food is slowly introduced by mixing it with the old food. The proportion of the new food is slowly increased, until the animal is fed only vegan food. Gradual transition is very important to avoid stomach issues, and also to ensure that the animal has the time to get used to the new taste. While the vast majority of animals adopt a plant-based diet very smoothly, a small number will need extra time and help. If your dog or cat does not like the taste of the novel food right away, add some nutritional yeast to the new food, then gradually reduce the amount of added yeast to zero. Nutritional yeast makes the food taste like cheese, a flavor that animals used to the meat-based diet enjoy.

Once the transition process is complete, you will start seeing the benefits of a plant-based diet in your cat or dog. Our customers report relief from food allergies, less gasiness, improvement in skin coat and breath, and increase in the overall energy level. This is because meat products like chicken and beef are common allergens, causing a host of issues in animals. Not to mention that the ‘meat’ found in commercial pet foods contains byproducts like diseased animal parts, beaks, and bones – waste products deemed unfit for human consumption — and even euthanized and sick dogs and cats. Bacterial contamination is also a concern, as are degenerative diseases like cancer and arthritis. The healthy vegan diet you are feeding your animal now no longer has all this stuff, and you’ll know you have done the right thing for your pet and for the planet.

Thousands of people have successfully transitioned their cats and dogs to a vegan diet, and watch them thrive. Give it a try – you’ll be amazed how easy and good it is!

Here at Vecado Plant-Based Pet Foods we take nutrition of your pet and your concerns very seriously. We guide our customers all the way through the transition, and are here to support you any day of the week. We have lots of experience with transitions and know how to resolve common roadblocks. All of our products are 100% plant-based, sourced from all-vegan suppliers in the USA and Italy.

Exclusively for Sasha’s customers, Vecado is offering a starter pack for dogs and a starter pack for cats at a discounted rate. These packs contain samples of different products we carry, so your dog or cat can try all of them and choose the one he or she likes. To purchase a pack, please follow these links:

Starter pack for dogs

Starter pack for cats

– add your pack to the cart and apply discount SASHAWILLIAMS at checkout.

Our goal is to enable you to live your values, by providing your dog and cat with vegan pet food that is healthy and has no negative consequences on other animals or the planet.


Vecado Plant-Based Pet Foods

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