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Constipated? Try flushing vitamin C.

I could get into the long, long, long list of reasons for doing one of these flushes BUT the majority of the reason I recommend them is for keeping regular without suppositories, diarrhea teas etc…

You don’t need much, just some hight quality Vitamin C sups. Some folks use the buffered powder and include ascorbic acid, but I take the vegan pressed tabs solo and they work really well. Especially around the last couple of days during contest time you find you’re too dried out to go.

Here’s my recipe for a QUICK flush, if you can call it that.

1 hour before bed take 1000mg of vitamin c in 1/2 litre of water. Wake up and take in 1/2 litre of warm lemon water immediately upon rising.

You can repeat this for 2-3 days as needed. If this does NOT work…you can try the detailed detox/flush plan below:


Do not exceed 1 flush of this type per month.


Vitamin C Buffered Powder, a

100% l-ascorbate, fully reduced, buffered mineral ascorbate form of vitamin C


You will complete a flush at least 4 times.

Start on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning – you may need a full day to complete this flush.  Most people saturate their ascorbate need within a few hours from time to time this could take longer.

Dissolve a half-teaspoon of C Buffered Powder (1.5 grams) in 2 or more oz. of water. Count and record each dosage. After dissolving the C powder and allowing any fiz to die off intake the drink.

The amount of C you need depends on how quickly your body uses it up. Here are some easy estimates:

• A healthy person should begin with a level half-teaspoon dissolved in 1-2 oz. of water every 15 minutes.

• A moderately healthy person with 1 teaspoon every 15 minutes.

• A sick person with 2 teaspoons every 15 minutes.

After four doses there is no gurgling or rumbling in your stomach, double the initial dose and continue every 15 minutes.

Continue with these time intervals until you reach a watery stool enema style.

CAUTION: Do not stop at loose stool – you are going for absolute water here.

Once you’ve reached this point, stop consuming the C for the day.

TIPS: batch prep your doses so you are not preparing new ones every 15 minutes. You can store prepped batches for at least a day in a dark vessel.


Daily Vitamin C minimums

A sufficient amount of vitamin c for a person in good health is 2-10 grams/day. Split these amounts up between meals.

If you are sick or stressed you can temporarily up your vitamin c levels. As your health increases you will use vitamin c more efficiently and your body will conserve it well. If you notice loose stools you may want to decrease your vitamin c intake (tapering off) to adjust to your bodies response/need.




Supporting Supplementation

The following supplements may be helpful to allow your repair to go most smoothly;

For muscle cramps, spasms, and magnesium deficits: Choline Citrate: 1 teaspoon twice daily in  water Magnesium: 1 tablet twice daily with choline citrate

Digestive inflammation are significant: Probiotic tabs CLICK HERE for my fave: 2-4 capsules with each meal

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