Orthorexia – really?

Well, it’s come to this, I’m actually going to blog about Orthorexia. We all know Anorexia and Bulemia which are supposed to the be ugly step-sisters of Orthorexia. Steven Bratman penned a book which is now out of print on the subject.

Ortho coming from the Greek term “right” or “correct” and Orexia or “orexis” from the Greek term for appetite.

This was a term used widely by by Steven Bratman to describe people who have developed a fixation with healthy or righteous eating.Orthorexia has been clasified and referred to as a mental disorder.It is not a medically recognized term.

For me, being a member of the health and wellness movement, living in a healthful society and commiting to Yoga and physical exercise, I am continually surrounded with thoughts of health. I, for one, know I think about the things I put into my body throughout the day. Not to say that I “punish” myself for failing or disappointing myself with nutritional choices however, there are always feelings of guilt where underpreformance occurs. That’s part of being goal driven and alive.

Remember to GO EASY ON YOURSELF. Whether it be with your weight, looks, or your diet. If you find that you are beating yourself up for eating those chips, or non-organic apples or not going for that run – it’s OK, just do better next time. Avoid the chips at all costs, heck the non-organic apple was a shining example standing next to the doritos!

More importantly, love yourself.

Below I found a little quiz for you all to take to “rate” your level of Orthorexia if applicable.

Give yourself a point for each question. The more points you accumulate, the more “orthorexic” you are :

1. Do you spend more than three hours a day thinking about healthy food? If you do, give yourself a point; if you spend more, give yourself two points.
2. Do you plan tomorrow’s food, today? So, do you think in advance “what am I going to eat tomorrow?”.
3. Do you care more about the virtue of what you eat, rather than the pleasure you get from eating it.
4. Have you found that as the quality of your diet increased, the quality of your life has diminished?
5. Do you keep getting stricter with yourself?
6. Do you sacrifice experiences you once enjoyed, to eat the foods you believe are right?
7. Do you feel a sense of self-esteem when you eat healthy food; do you look down on others who don’t?
8. Do you feel guilt or self-loathing when you stray from your diet?
9. Does your diet socially isolate you?
10. When you are eating the way you are supposed, do you feel a peaceful sense of total control?

Frederic Patenaude

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