Eating for your future

Summer is here and it brings with it abundance and appreciation for the out of doors and all it’s infinite wisdom. This includes all of the human beings that may in fact be contributing to the eventual destruction of this beautiful, ever loyal rock we call home.

Being a person who has chosen to forego having a family certainly helps when making basic, selfish decisions in life. Most parents you speak to at one time or another could agree that they have felt a twinge of envy when watching the unencumbered go about their regular daily routine, not realizing how difficult jetting out to grab a jug of juice can be with the additional burden of a dependent. Family or not, the Earth is my dependent, and I am solely responsible for my impact on its fragile ecosystem.

Part of our shared responsibility is to educate ourselves, our friends and our families about the foundations of a healthier planet. It starts with the food we eat. What most people do not consider is the impact that factory farming has on our health. The mass production of meat, GMO’s and food that crisscrosses the globe to get to our dinner plate, are deadly contributors to our eventual demise in the form of toxic pollutants and cancer to name a few.

This summer, take advantage of farmers markets in your area. You can find artisan meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables all harvested within one hundred or so kilometers of your own back yard.

Lastly, pick up a book or search the internet to find out more about what you can do to help maintain and improve the planets ability to keep us all fed and healthy. Learn about the big business of food, pharmaceuticals and your role in it all.

To your health.

Resident Nurse on Board with Humble Roots Wellness! Topic today: Type 2 Diabetes.

Most of you are aware that Diabetes is a threat to us all, if we are not vigilant in our diet and exercise especially. I am lucky enough to have a tremendous friend who is a medical professional that has given me some great layman’s insights into the causes of type 2 diabetes.

I posed the questions below to “Nurse Kat” and have some feedback I would like to share with you all today. Type 2 Diabetes is almost a choice these days. You have the option to live a long and healthy life, what will you do?

What are some of the easily recognized signs of type 2 diabetes, and is it really related to diet/sugar?

Who are the people (age/sex/race) most affected by type 2 diabetes based on your work in the medicine?

If you understand the cause of type 2 diabetes, then the signs are easier to see.

Type 2 diabetes starts off as insulin resistance. A diet high in sugar causes cells, especially in the periphery, to become resistant to insulin and therefore cells can’t use it as an energy source.

This is a constant stress on the body because the normal mechanism of energy production and use is disrupted and specifically, the pancreas is stressed to produce more insulin.

Over time, the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin and diabetes develops. By the time diabetes type 2 is diagnosed, a person will have had hyperglycemia and insulin resistance for about 10 years.

If the normal way the body powers itself is not effective, then it would stand to reason that a person would feel tired/lethargic a lot of the time. A person may also feel thirsty as the body tries to dilute the high sugar content and then of course void more. Frequent bladder infections are another sign, which may be because the body is generally less able to fight infection, being stressed constantly or because high blood glucose levels may feed bacteria, making them big and strong. This also holds true for foot infections and blurred vision.

As large sugar molecules move through the blood stream, they damage the small vessels, especially in the eye and kidneys. A person may have dry skin, perhaps because of being dehydrated or even weight loss related to decreased appetite.

I find the cause is also a sign. Look at yourself. Diabetes type 2 is mostly preventable, though there are some genetic components or it could be unhealthy parents not feeding their kids properly or taking them out to play as often as they should. If you look in the mirror and you are overweight, especially in the belly, and you get no exercise, then it’s safe to assume you will develop type 2 diabetes.

From my experience individuals most likely to develop this type of diabetes are inactive, and poorly nourished people living in developed countries, like Canada and the US. Especially our First Nations population, including children.

Diet and exercise levels in our society have changed too drastically in too short of a time frame for the body to adapt, or evolve. First Nations children as young as 8 have type 2 diabetes.

The most important things a person can do are to exercise, as it forces to body in a positive way to use insulin. An extremely close second is to eat food that nourishes, not stresses the cells that fuel you.

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Date night. No, not the kind you were thinking of, but just as juicy.

Eating a primarly RAW or completely RAW diet means that you’ve probably come in contact with a date or two. They happen to fall into several raw recipes taking the place of cooked binding agents and sweeteners that are so unhealthy.

I have found the date of choice for me (Medjool)and wanted to share the brand and the company which I feel I can buy from safely, with you. I have no association with them whatsoever, only that I enjoy their dates, and support their growing and harvestion methods. Organic and pesticide/preservative free and most importantly RAW.

Dates and Nutrition

Dates are loaded with high dietary fiber, and dismissive quantities of calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium make this fruit a vital source of nutrients.Dates are energy boosters with naturally occurring sugars such as fructose, glucose and sucrose that provide the body with loads of energy.

Dates are one of the best natural sources of potassium, an essential mineral needed by the body to maintain muscle contractions, and smooth functioning of the heart muscles. We do not store potassium in our bodies, a regular consumption of dates keeps potassium levels replenished, and maintains a healthy nervous system and metabolism.

Calcium and magnesium in dates ensure healthy bone development. Important vitamins, like vitamin A and a variety of B-complex vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, etc) help fight off infection and disease. Dates contain amino acids that smooth digestion while their nicotinic content helps cure intestinal problems.

Date consumption inhibits the growth of pathological organisms, and promotes friendly bacteria in the intestines. They also have a laxative effect on the digestive system. It has been stated that the positive effect on our digestive system which come from the dates help to prevent certain cancers.

Introducing to you Bard Valley Growers Association. Their website is below.

You will find a lot of great information here about the company and their mission. They have also posted some great information and pictures which I’m sure you will find interesting. Their plantations are located in the South Western tip of California near the Arizona border nestled beside the Colorado River. If I am ever in that area again I will definitely pop in for a tour if they offer them.

To your health!

Just say no……to soy?

I must say that the first time I heard this sentiment I thought, “god no, another health food option for us to criticize”. Frankly I was exhausted by the thought that I would have to seriously cut down the soy in my diet. Being a true vegetarian (no fish/seafood or meat) that seemed to be the last straw. My raw food diet was far smaller then and now is up to nearly 80% but this was definitely cause for investigation. So, I scoured the net and books and chatted with industry folk and this is some of the information I have put together for you. Remember, everything in moderation is a key phrase to hold dear if you’re just starting out down the health and wellness path. All of this can overwhelm even seasoned veterans, er, vegetarians.

Read on, and stay informed!

From tofu and tacos to baby formula and burgers, soy products have swept the country as a healthy source of protein, with a reputation for being all natural and good for you. New studies have however raised questions over whether the ingredients in soy might increase the risk of breast cancer in some women, affect brain function in men and lead to hidden developmental ab-normalities in infants. I am sure that you can thank Monsanto themselves for the majority of this…but more on that one later!

The core of their concerns rests with the chemical makeup of soy: in addition to all the nutrients and protein, soy contains a natural chemical that mimics estrogen, the female hormone. Some studies in animals show that this chemical can alter sexual development. And in fact, 2 glasses of soy milk/day, over the course of one month, contain enough of the chemical to change the timing of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Isoflavones in soybeans

Soybeans contain an impressive array of phytochemicals (biologically active components derived from plants), the most interesting of which are known as isoflavones. Isoflavones are the compounds which are being studied in relation to the relief of certain menopausal symptoms, cancer prevention, slowing or reversing osteoporosis and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Soy critics point to the fact that soybeans, as provided by nature, are not suitable for human consumption. Only after fermentation for some time, or extensive processing, including chemical extractions and high temperatures, are the beans, or the soy protein isolate, suitable for digestion when eaten.

Soybeans also reportedly contain an anti-nutrient called “phytic acid”, which all beans do. However, soybeans have higher levels of phytic acid than any other legume. Phytic acid may block the absorption of certain minerals, including magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc. Epidemiological studies have shown that people in 3rd World Countries who have high consumption of grains and soy also commonly have deficiencies in these minerals. It must also be noted that this may be of particular concern with regard to babies who are using soy-based infant formulas.

Drumroll please…….here comes the big bad man, MONSANTO:

Who has something to gain from the consumption of soy? Perhaps companies like Monsanto which produce the genetically modified soybean seeds. Perhaps companies like Cargill Foods or SoyLife which produce countless soy-based foods. Or soybean councils in several states which represent farmers who grow this new, emerging bumper crop. And, of course, all of the companies which are constructing factories all over the world to do the processing which is necessary to make soybeans edible.

Soy – more negatives than positives

There are tonnes of side effects with cooked soy, including essential mineral uptake blockers like magnesium and trypsin which we use for protein digestion. This can all cause serious gastric distress, reduced digestion and chronic health issues surrounding this internal process. Not to mention hemagglutinin which is a clot-promoter – effecting red blood cells and blocking oxygen distribution.

Soy and hormonal balance

Just because tofu is of vegetable origin does not necessarily make it healthy.

Health-conscious folks believe in the benefits of tofu, infant formula and other food products made from soybeans and soy extract. But their assumption is now being called into question by Jill Schneider, associate professor of biological sciences at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

In a study of hamsters completed under Schneider’s direction, it was recently found that a component of soy beans – isoflavones – significantly accelerated the onset of puberty in the rodents.

These findings, which are similar to the results reported by labs which have experimented with rats, might be relevant to humans, Schneider says. She points out that many babies who are allergic to cow’s milk are fed soy-based formulas which contain isoflavones. Isoflavones, she says, can act like estrogen, a natural hormone important in the development of both male and female humans.


A very large percentage of soy – over 90% – is genetically modified and it also has one of the highest percentages contamination by pesticides of any of the foods we eat.

Soy processors have worked hard to get these anti-nutrients out of the finished product, particularly soy protein isolate (SPI) which is the key ingredient in most soy foods which imitate meat and dairy products, including baby formulas and some brands of soy milk.

SPI is not something you can make in your own kitchen. Production takes place in industrial factories where soybeans are first mixed with an alkaline solution to remove fiber, then precipitated and separated using an acid wash and, finally, neutralized in an alkaline solution.

Soy-based formula also has over 1000% more aluminum than conventional milk based formulas. Breast milk is best, but if one, for whatever reason, cannot breast feed, then Carnation Good Start until six months and Carnation FollowUp after that seem to be the best commercial formula currently available. The milk protein is hydrolyzed 80% which tends to significantly decrease its allergenicity.

Finally, the resulting curds are spray-dried at high temperatures to produce a high-protein powder. A final hardship to the original soybean is high-temperature, high-pressure extrusion processing of soy protein isolate to produce textured vegetable protein.

Nitrites, which are potent carcinogens, are formed during spray-drying, and a toxin called “lysinoalanine” is formed during alkaline processing.(1) Numerous artificial flavorings, particularly MSG, are added to soy protein isolate and textured vegetable protein products to mask their strong “beany” taste and to impart the flavor of meat.

Yet soy protein isolate and textured vegetable protein are used extensively in school lunch programs, commercial baked goods, fast food products and diet beverages. They are heavily promoted in 3rd world countries and form the basis of many food giveaway programs.

There are so many people benefiting from the production and sale of soy, including the firms marketing the products. People are paid to make statements nowadays – EVEN DOCTORS. More reason to not always believe what you read, or at least do a bit of research on what you’re putting into your body, your temple.

For alternatives or more information, you can always drop me a line! :


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Hemp Seeds & You

Make hemp seeds a regular part of your diet. They’re rich in omega-3 fatty acids, plant-based proteins and phytonutrients. That makes them a nutritional powerhouse for supporting good health!

Hemp seed has been consumed by mankind (and animals) for centuries. Indeed, whole populations have survived off hemp seed in times of famine. In China, at the cinema, you can still buy roasted hemp seeds in the same way as you can buy popcorn in the West.

Hemp has 3 unique nutritional factors. It has an ideal balance of Omega 3 and 6 for sustainable human health, it has a full amino acid spectrum meaning it provides complete protein, and it has a massive trace mineral content – truly one of nature’s superfoods.

Consumption of hemp oil and hemp seed is ideal for people with low essential fatty acid intake, and also perfect for athletes. It is of course particularly valuable to the veggie/vegan population, and even more so for veggie/vegan athletes, who are always looking for complete protein sources.
One of the easiest ways of consuming hemp is in smoothies. Just mix a handful of organic hemp seed (whole or de-hulled) with fruit and juice of your choice in a blender. Perfect for children too. Or perhaps make up a little hemp seed milk (see recipe on Hemp page).

Other benefits of hemp seed oil include its effect on the skin and the hair, nourishing both on a cellular level. Hemp oil is easily absorbed by the skin and those EFA’s go straight to work! And of course hemp needs no pesticides or fertilisers, is low maintenance and grows just about anywhere, making it the ideal crop for organic sustainable farming in just about anywhere in the world.

Stock up on certified organic hemp seeds! You can use them in all sorts of ways: Sprinkle them on salads, cereals or other foods. Blend them into superfoods. Or mix with flax, agave nectar and spices to make your own raw dried herb crackers!

You can even make your own trail mix or healthy granola with these hemp seeds.


Apple Cider Vinegar Cures

Apple cider vinegar for me, sounded like a punishment more than a “cure all” but once an apple is fermented to cider and further on to vinegar it becomes something more than a plain old apple…it turns into a multi-purpose superfood!

Without going into too many details – which I’m sure you can all google for yourself, apple cider vinegar is good for detoxification, cleansing, UTI’s skin conditions,muscle fatigue and stamina.

The process takes a couple of minutes and results take from three days to one week. Put two to three tablespoons of ACV into a glass and dilute with water. You can add as much or as little water you prefer. It is recommended diluting with water so the acids in the vinegar do not hurt your teeth. Adding honey to the vinegar can bring more results. Honey helps digestion and also contains vitamins and enzymes. Although honey adds to the healing, it is not necessary because ACV has its own healing properties.

Here are some uses for the “magic” tonic…try it out for yourself. As for brands, I’ve included a snapshot of the one I purchase at the top of this blog.

Weight Loss
While it is not known why, many people claim that Apple Cider Vinegar promotes weight loss. Some theories suggest that ACV helps to speed up the metabolism, while others suggest that it burns calories. A number of nutritionists also believe that combining Vitamin B6 and Lecithin with Apple Cider Vinegar is highly effective for weight loss. A suggested remedy is to mix 2 teaspoons of ACV mixed with a glass of water and drink this before every meal or sip it slowly throughout the day

Bad Breath
Due to its acidic properties, Apple Cider Vinegar makes a wonderful remedy for bad breath or halitosis. Simply add 1/2 tablespoon of ACV into a cup of water and gargle the mixture in your mouth for 10 seconds at a time until the cup is empty.

Body Odor
Apple Cider Vinegar is an effective body odor remedy, since it can help adjust the skin’s pH level which helps to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. For armpit odor, simply wipe them once each morning with undiluted apple cider vinegar (using a cotton ball). For foot odor, fill a pan with warm water and add 1/3 cup of ACV, then let your feet soak in this mixture for 15 minutes once per week.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural cure for acne. Please refer to our Acne Home Remedy page for more information on how to treat acne with Apple Cider Vinegar.

Age Spots
Apple Cider Vinegar contains sulfur that fights the effects of aging, which makes it suitable for treating age spots.

Apple Cider Vinegar is frequently used as a natural cure for constipation.

There are various causes for diarrhea, and although it should not be left untreated, it is often a natural way for the body to rid itself of harmful compounds and ingested materials. Apple Cider Vinegar is a fantastic natural remedy for diarrhea since the high pectin concentration acts as a protective coating which soothes the irritated lining of the colon. A suggestion is to add 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to a large glass of water, and drink this 3 times daily while the symptoms persist.

Apple Cider Vinegar may help to control high blood sugar levels, which is why it is often used as a natural treatment for Diabetes.

What are the Side Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar?

There are no major known side effects of Apple Cider Vinegar when used in moderation. However, drinking vinegars, acids or even lemon juices on a regular basis can lead to a deterioration of dental enamel. This can give your teeth a yellowish look and make them more sensitive to heat and cold. To prevent this, the vinegar should always be diluted with water or a pinch of baking soda should be added in order to reduce the acidity level.

CACAO the superfood!

Kit Kats, Snickers, Cadbury. We all know that chocolate is bad for us right? Wrong! (Though chocolate in the sugary form of our favourite snack bars are definitely NOT good for us).
Chocolate is actually one of the healthiest foods on the earth! Research is continually proving that chocolate is actually a super food. The problem is that most chocolate has been highly processed and heated, stealing all the nutrients.

Further, Many ingredients are added to chocolate which have a negative impact on our health. Sugar, for example, destroys the immune system, and causes diabetes, premature aging and other serious health complaints. Studies show that adding milk to chocolate cancels out all of the goodness. In addition, researchers have found that commercial chocolate can be contaminated with extremely high quantities of the toxic metal lead.

You may be asking yourself what is left if you can’t have milk chocolate, dark chocolate or any sort of processed chocolate. Fear not, the absolutely delicious raw chocolate is taking the world by storm. You don’t need to avoid chocolate this holiday season because you can have raw chocolate.

Raw chocolate is chocolate that has not gone through any sort of heating or processing, so all of the nutrients are still in tact. But lets not forget CACAO and not COCOA is what we’re talking about here, by transposing those few letters you’re making a whole world of difference to your body. Good versus evil so to speak.

So What are the Nutrients?

Chocolate contains more magnesium than any other food. Magnesium is the number one mineral deficiency in the west. It is the most powerful stress relieving mineral. It also relaxes the muscles and builds strong bones and teeth.

Chocolate is also power packed with antioxidants, which protect us from aging and disease. The following is a list of the foods with the highest ORAC values (the number given to foods based on their antioxidant activity):

•Unprocessed Raw Cacao – ORAC 28,000
•Acai Berries – ORAC 18,500
•Dark Chocolate – ORAC 13,120
•Prunes – 5,770
•Goji Berries – 3,472
•Pomegranates – 3,307
•Raisins – 2,830
•Blueberries – 2,400

Amazing! You can see that even heated dark chocolate has a high antioxidant level. Unfortunately, most dark chocolate has sugar added to it.

Chocolate is actually higher in the antioxidant resveratrol than red wine. The media have been giving red wine a lot of attention over the last few years because it is rich in this antioxidant, which is know for protecting cells from free radical damage and inhibiting the spread of cancer. It is also know to your lower blood pressure and normalize your anti-inflammatory response.

Chocolate is also rich in sulphur, which is the beauty mineral. Sulphur is essential for gorgeous skin, lustrous hair and strong nails.

Chocolate is one of the only sources of PEA, which is a compound that increases the serotonin levels in the brain, which increases joy. No wonder people are so attracted to chocolate!

More Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolate may help prevent cardiovascular disease in diabetics because of their high levels of flavanol. Research has shown that people with diabetes that drank flavanol rich cocoa for one month showed dramatic improvements in their blood vessel function. In fact, the improvements they noticed were as high as those found in taking drugs. Chocolate is an amazing super food for keeping your heart healthy and for improving elasticity in your blood vessels.

Chocolate helps people to feel amazing. Besides PEA, the rich creaminess of chocolate has been known to boost sex drive and make us feel alive. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to contain milk, sugar, aluminium, or any other ingredients that may have a negative impact on our health. Raw chocolate can be combined with other super foods so that we can indulge our sweet tooth and improve our health at the same time.

How to Get Raw Chocolate

Some health food shops are beginning to sell raw chocolate, and you can also order it online. David Wolfe has some amazing products which he promotes as noted in this picture below:

If you are a Vancouver, BC local you can also visit Organic Lives on Quebec street at Great Northern Way/4th Avenue:

Better yet, you can make your own vegan raw chocolate at home. There are so many different recipes out there that combine different super foods. Here is one of the most basic for you to try out:

Raw Cacao butter
Raw Cacao powder
Agave Nectar (yes…only four ingredients, but you won’t believe how it tastes!)

Put boiling water in a bowl. Put the cacao butter (how ever much chocolate you intend to make) in another bowl, then set that in the bowl with the boiling water. This will ensure that the cacao is not heated above 116 degrees f, which is the point at which the molecular structure begins to change. Thus, if it is heated to a temperature under 116, it is still considered raw.

Make sure that you break the cacao butter down into tiny bits; otherwise it will take ages to melt.
Once the butter is melted, pour in half the amount of chocolate powder. So if you melted 2 grams of butter, put in 1 gram powder.

Now put in that same amount of mesquite. Mesquite meal is a traditional Native American food that has been used as a staple food for centuries by desert dwellers. This high protein meal contains good quantities of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc, and is rich in the amino acid lysine as well. It has a sweet taste that will give your chocolate a kick.

Add as much agave nectar as you want. Agave nectar is an incredibly delicious natural sweetener that will NOT make your blood sugar levels spin out of control. It is actually the same plant that tequila comes from.

Now take a rubber ice cup tray (you can use a plastic one, but it can be difficult to get the chocolate out of) and load it up with chocolate. Put it in the freezer, it should be ready to eat in about 30 minutes.

Source: Natural News and Longevity Now.

Drawing the short straw on information, healthy food choices and scientific fact.

I haven’t written for some time as I wanted to find something really important to speak to you all about. I scoured my brain, my health magazine subscriptions and the internet and came up with a topic for tonight. There is a business side to the food we put in our bellies, and everyone of us deserves to educate ourselves about it. I know I have written about aspartame before but it’s not the only cancer causing chemical out there, MSG is also very guilty of this, please read on for some shocking facts not all of you may know.

Excitotoxins – like MSG and Aspartame are evil cancer causing chemicals, I have chosen today to focus on MSG as I have yet to do that with my blogging, I’m sure you will all find this quite interesting and possibly life changing.

MSG ( monosodium glutimate) by definition is: Monosodium glutamate, also known as sodium glutamate and MSG, is a sodium salt of the non-essential amino acid glutamic acid.- It is used for flavouring as well as stimulate appetite and rid certain levels of natural suppressant. There is also formaldahyde found in MSG, a chemical that binds to your DNA and breaks it apart, it causes cancer to metastasis (grow) rapidly and knowing that formaldahyde is used for enbalming bodies doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. Mind the pun.

How did this get past the American FDA you ask? The usual incestuous way of course! Enter Donald Rumsfeld…Donald Rumsfeld was the one who pushed a lot of this through, when he was in the chairmanship of the G.D. Searle company, NutraSweet division. He got it approved through the regulatory process, but once it was approved, the government didn’t want to admit that they had made a mistake. They just continued to cover it up, like the fluoride thing and the milk industry.

Flouride in milk will be another topic I’ll speak on – but not today.

MSG also plays on your glutimate receptors, by overdosing you on glutimate. This causes “the runs”, irritable bowel, reflux and in some extreme cases cardiac arrest! Sudden cardiac death is caused by two things, Most commonly arrhythmia and coronary artery spasm. Both of which can be produced by glutamate.

No one is going to speak out about this, newspaper columnists and health writers are edited by their superiors, products containing MSG advertise in health magazines for godssake! What coroner would diagnose “death by MSG”? A good one, that’s who.

I could go on forever but my intention is not to fear monger or preach, I only hope to help some people make better decisions about their health by staying in formed. Do yourself a favour and Check your food labels now. How common are these dangerous ingredients? Check the ingredients labels of the food in your pantry right now. Look for yeast extract, aspartame or monosodium glutamate. Also check for any ingredient that’s hydrolyzed or autolyzed. If you spot any of these, you have excitotoxins in your food!

You’ll find these excitotoxins in:

Diet soda
“Sugar-free” drinks and sweets
Canned soups
Frozen pizza
Vegetarian foods, including veggie burgers
Snack chips
Diabetic foods
Salad dressing
Breakfast sausage
Beef jerky and chicken strips
Frozen foods, even “natural” ones
Instant dinner mixes
Baby food
Ranch-flavored dips and sauces
Gravy mixes and dip mixes
Bullion cubes and flavor packets

… and hundreds of other grocery products and restaurant foods.

I am no Doctor, but this guy is, if you are up for the read I suggest it – I have based this entry on his articles and interviews with Natural News…but this is his controversial book if you wish to read further. Take care of your one and only body, inside and out.

The Big Business of Cancer

I have myself, been a victim of Cancer. Many people in my life have as well, not all of them were lucky enough to be treated and survive, like me. I have to thank my doctors and the radiation therapy I received, I did nothing else to help myself at the time of diagnosis, I was too young and niave to research alternative health for myself.

I am no doctor and I am not a Cancer aficianado BUT there are opinions contrary to mine that I feel I should share with you. There are after all, two sides to every coin.

Cancer industry abandons science to keep pushing mammograms that harm women

Some feel that the cancer industry has blatantly abandoned science these past two weeks by insisting women under 50 should receive annual mammograms even though the industry’s own scientific task force concluded that such screenings result in too many false positives. Essentially, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force took a good, hard look at the science and concluded that mammograms harm far more women than they help (for women under 50, anyway). But when they announced the new recommendations that women under 50 should avoid mammograms — and women over 50 should only get them every other year — the cancer industry cried foul.

Radiologists, oncologists, Big Pharma pill-pushers and cancer industry non-profits all banded together to declare, “We are abandoning the science! We want more mammograms for more women, science be damned!”

All of these doctors and big pharma still claim to be “scientific,” but what they really do is selectively pick which bits and pieces of the scientific evidence they choose to adhere to (not unlike some in the alternative health field mind you). And when it comes to these new mammogram recommendations, they’ve decided to simply abandon the science and keep pushing more radiation imaging tests for women (mammography).

Does everyone feel that the cancer industry is a complete failure?

What some people feel is that we are witnessing the desperate last gasps of a failed industry. Their technologies do not save lives, their drugs do not cure cancer, and their “science” doesn’t add up. The cancer industry is viewed by some as a fraud, and now its fraudulent nature is finally becoming apparent to everyone who believes this. It even has the mainstream media (USA Today) describing the failures of mammography in articles like the one you’ll see here:…

Here’s something else you may like to know: The cancer industry hasn’t merely abandoned science in terms of mammography; it has also abandoned all science with the pushing of chemotherapy. Did you know there has never been a randomized, placebo-controlled study proving that chemotherapy saves the lives of breast cancer patients?

That evidence doesn’t exist. The whole “treatment” is based entirely on fiction, or so it would seem. Chemotherapy only works at all against three rare types of cancer, and breast cancer isn’t one of them.

In defending the new mammography guidelines, Dr. Timothy Wilt, a member of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, said that the task force recommendations “were based on the most rigorous peer review of up-to-date, accurate information about the evidence about the harms and benefits of treatment.” He repeated that women under 50 should never receive mammograms, and women 50 or over should only receive a mammogram every two years.

The American Cancer Society, has a real problem with that recommendation. Its entire success (and power) depends on more people getting cancer, and one of the best ways to make sure that happens is to keep pushing for more mammograms. In opposing the new mammography recommendations, the ACS has now abandoned science, too.

Chemotherapy: AKA The chemical holocaust

When cancer doctors tell you that “chemotherapy will save your life,” do you ever wonder if they are lying to you? This line is uttered thousands of times a day, deceptively recruiting women into modern medicine’s version of a chemical holocaust.

The cancer industry offers no cures. A cure for cancer would destroy the industry, don’t forget that this too, sadly, is a big business. It would wipe out billions of dollars in profits that drug companies, radiologists and oncologists are counting on right now. This is precisely why the cancer industry dares not tell women the truth about vitamin D, for example, which prevents 77% of all cancers, including breast cancer.

If every woman in North America were given vitamin D supplements, cancer rates would plummet by up to 77% in a single year – or so it has been stated, following this the cancer industry would virtually collapse. That cannot be allowed to happen, of course, which is precisely why the industry has a complete blackout on vitamin D information while pushing hard for annual mammograms that continue to cause cancer (and generate repeat business).

The U.S. government has abandoned science, too!
Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, has told women to ignore the new mammography advice by the U.S. government task force. But she has zero scientific evidence to back up her advice. She, like everyone else pushing mammograms, is engaged in pure quackery. Such cures aren’t based on rock-solid science, they claim! But when the rock-solid science says mammograms are dangerous for women, the cancer industry abandons the science! That’s why they are the new quacks.

Here’s a simple prediction I grabbed online: In twenty years, mammograms will have been long since abandoned. Doctors of that era will look back at 2009 and wonder how this so-called “modern” medical industry could have been so deeply invested in such a dangerous, cancer-causing technology called mammography. They will scratch their heads and ask, “Why didn’t they heed the science that said mammography is dangerous?” They’ll write about “how medically illiterate the people were in 2009” because they voluntarily inserted their body parts into irradiation machines.

. Patients tend to believe doctors because they mistakenly think doctors know what they’re talking about. But conventional doctors are technicians, not healers. They understand the detailed of how to administer poisons, but they have no 100 percent understanding of how to activate the body’s innate healing potential. Doctors tend to be very intelligent individuals, but even they cannot understand things they’ve never been taught, and medical school is focused almost entirely on a drugs-and-surgery approach to medicine (slash and burn).

That’s why I call it a practice, not a profession – giggle giggle I waited to use this in a blog for so long!

I have to ask why, then, would patients who are interested in healing their bodies go see medical professionals who are experts in the administration of poison? It makes no sense. But that’s what insurance covers, so they keep doing it. And they keep dying of cancer, an almost entirely preventable disease with cures that exist right now but will never be publicized because too much profit depends on keeping people sick.

Mammograms are the insurance of the cancer industry. As long as mammogram machines keep running, there will always be more cancer to diagnose — because the machines are making cancer!

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