The Big Business of Cancer

I have myself, been a victim of Cancer. Many people in my life have as well, not all of them were lucky enough to be treated and survive, like me. I have to thank my doctors and the radiation therapy I received, I did nothing else to help myself at the time of diagnosis, I was too young and niave to research alternative health for myself.

I am no doctor and I am not a Cancer aficianado BUT there are opinions contrary to mine that I feel I should share with you. There are after all, two sides to every coin.

Cancer industry abandons science to keep pushing mammograms that harm women

Some feel that the cancer industry has blatantly abandoned science these past two weeks by insisting women under 50 should receive annual mammograms even though the industry’s own scientific task force concluded that such screenings result in too many false positives. Essentially, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force took a good, hard look at the science and concluded that mammograms harm far more women than they help (for women under 50, anyway). But when they announced the new recommendations that women under 50 should avoid mammograms — and women over 50 should only get them every other year — the cancer industry cried foul.

Radiologists, oncologists, Big Pharma pill-pushers and cancer industry non-profits all banded together to declare, “We are abandoning the science! We want more mammograms for more women, science be damned!”

All of these doctors and big pharma still claim to be “scientific,” but what they really do is selectively pick which bits and pieces of the scientific evidence they choose to adhere to (not unlike some in the alternative health field mind you). And when it comes to these new mammogram recommendations, they’ve decided to simply abandon the science and keep pushing more radiation imaging tests for women (mammography).

Does everyone feel that the cancer industry is a complete failure?

What some people feel is that we are witnessing the desperate last gasps of a failed industry. Their technologies do not save lives, their drugs do not cure cancer, and their “science” doesn’t add up. The cancer industry is viewed by some as a fraud, and now its fraudulent nature is finally becoming apparent to everyone who believes this. It even has the mainstream media (USA Today) describing the failures of mammography in articles like the one you’ll see here:…

Here’s something else you may like to know: The cancer industry hasn’t merely abandoned science in terms of mammography; it has also abandoned all science with the pushing of chemotherapy. Did you know there has never been a randomized, placebo-controlled study proving that chemotherapy saves the lives of breast cancer patients?

That evidence doesn’t exist. The whole “treatment” is based entirely on fiction, or so it would seem. Chemotherapy only works at all against three rare types of cancer, and breast cancer isn’t one of them.

In defending the new mammography guidelines, Dr. Timothy Wilt, a member of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, said that the task force recommendations “were based on the most rigorous peer review of up-to-date, accurate information about the evidence about the harms and benefits of treatment.” He repeated that women under 50 should never receive mammograms, and women 50 or over should only receive a mammogram every two years.

The American Cancer Society, has a real problem with that recommendation. Its entire success (and power) depends on more people getting cancer, and one of the best ways to make sure that happens is to keep pushing for more mammograms. In opposing the new mammography recommendations, the ACS has now abandoned science, too.

Chemotherapy: AKA The chemical holocaust

When cancer doctors tell you that “chemotherapy will save your life,” do you ever wonder if they are lying to you? This line is uttered thousands of times a day, deceptively recruiting women into modern medicine’s version of a chemical holocaust.

The cancer industry offers no cures. A cure for cancer would destroy the industry, don’t forget that this too, sadly, is a big business. It would wipe out billions of dollars in profits that drug companies, radiologists and oncologists are counting on right now. This is precisely why the cancer industry dares not tell women the truth about vitamin D, for example, which prevents 77% of all cancers, including breast cancer.

If every woman in North America were given vitamin D supplements, cancer rates would plummet by up to 77% in a single year – or so it has been stated, following this the cancer industry would virtually collapse. That cannot be allowed to happen, of course, which is precisely why the industry has a complete blackout on vitamin D information while pushing hard for annual mammograms that continue to cause cancer (and generate repeat business).

The U.S. government has abandoned science, too!
Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, has told women to ignore the new mammography advice by the U.S. government task force. But she has zero scientific evidence to back up her advice. She, like everyone else pushing mammograms, is engaged in pure quackery. Such cures aren’t based on rock-solid science, they claim! But when the rock-solid science says mammograms are dangerous for women, the cancer industry abandons the science! That’s why they are the new quacks.

Here’s a simple prediction I grabbed online: In twenty years, mammograms will have been long since abandoned. Doctors of that era will look back at 2009 and wonder how this so-called “modern” medical industry could have been so deeply invested in such a dangerous, cancer-causing technology called mammography. They will scratch their heads and ask, “Why didn’t they heed the science that said mammography is dangerous?” They’ll write about “how medically illiterate the people were in 2009” because they voluntarily inserted their body parts into irradiation machines.

. Patients tend to believe doctors because they mistakenly think doctors know what they’re talking about. But conventional doctors are technicians, not healers. They understand the detailed of how to administer poisons, but they have no 100 percent understanding of how to activate the body’s innate healing potential. Doctors tend to be very intelligent individuals, but even they cannot understand things they’ve never been taught, and medical school is focused almost entirely on a drugs-and-surgery approach to medicine (slash and burn).

That’s why I call it a practice, not a profession – giggle giggle I waited to use this in a blog for so long!

I have to ask why, then, would patients who are interested in healing their bodies go see medical professionals who are experts in the administration of poison? It makes no sense. But that’s what insurance covers, so they keep doing it. And they keep dying of cancer, an almost entirely preventable disease with cures that exist right now but will never be publicized because too much profit depends on keeping people sick.

Mammograms are the insurance of the cancer industry. As long as mammogram machines keep running, there will always be more cancer to diagnose — because the machines are making cancer!

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Naturopathic Treatment Recipe for the “sick” season

Since cold and flu and SWINE FLU season are upon us I thought I would give you all a little home remedy that seems to work relatively well in helping with the symptoms some or all of us feel during the onset of a cold or flu, sometimes even with cronic pain and ear infections.

Try this yourself at home, it sounds uncomfortable but it really does seem to do the trick. I’m sure believing that it will work is part of the cure too 🙂

Wet Sock Treatment
Sore throat or any inflammation or infection of the throat, neck pain, ear infections, headaches, migraines, nasal congestion, upper respiratory infections, coughs, bronchitis, and sinus infections.

1 pair white cotton socks
1 pair thick wool socks
Warm bath or warm foot bath

Take a pair of cotton socks and soak them completely with ice cold water. Be sure to wring the socks out thoroughly so they do not drip.
Warm your feet first. This is very important as the treatment will not be as effective and could be harmful if your feet are not warmed first. Warming can be accomplished by soaking your feet in warm water for at least 5-10 minutes or taking a warm bath for 5-10 minutes.
Dry off feet and body with a dry towel.
Place ice cold wet socks on feet. Cover with thick wool socks. Go directly to bed. Avoid getting chilled.
Keep the socks on overnight. You will find that the wet cotton socks will be dry in the morning.

Effects of the Wet Sock Treatment:

This treatment acts to reflexively increase the circulation and decrease congestion in the upper respiratory passages, head, and throat. It has a sedating action and many people have reported that they sleep much better during the treatment. This treatment is also effective for pain relief and increases the healing response during acute infections.

The wet sock treatment is usually repeated for three nights in a row, or as instructed by your naturopathic physician.

YOGA – What your mother never told you.

I held off for quite a while on blogging about this particular subject. Why? You ask, simple – I was a little embarrassed at my motivation to be perfectly honest and I wasn’t quite sure how long I was going to stick to it. After over a month of applying myself a minimum of 3-4 times per week, I am ready to tell you about the proven benefits of Yoga AND what has actually benefitted me.

First of all, I am a high anxiety person who has to go go go! That isn’t really by choice, there is always a fire burning inside me that tells me to get going. I was getting sick of constantly feeling negative, tired and mixed up in my head. I couldn’t sleep, I over ate and I was COMPLETELY irritated by the most awfully simple things. In one word, bitchface.

I decided after I quit my stressful, hectic job in search of some meaning to my life that I would conquer the world of wellness and alternative health. No, I wasn’t becoming a lame-o hippie, I just wantedt to live a little happier for a little longer. I began back with Hot (Bikram) Yoga which is a killer 90 minute class, sometimes I could find a 60 minute one so I wouldn’t die on myself. Then I moved on to a Power Yoga (Vinyasa) class early in the morning to fit with my new job and schedule. Power Yoga has a heated room as well but it is about 5 degrees cooler than the 110 to 115 degree Hot class and the timing is perfect for me.

At first my body hated me, I had only done maybe 10 hot classes and 5 regular Yoga classes so I wasn’t my stretchy self as I was when I danced all those 23 years. I was embarassed and defeated at my abilities, but the teachers are so supportive and Yoga IS NOT supposed to be competitive. I had to get over it.

Once I went through the first week or two I could feel the strength in my body and mind, I could go through a day completely positively and I found people commenting on how happy I was. At my new job people were amazingly positive and I knew I had to have something to do with it! I felt great, impowered and healthy! What a fantastic and unexpected result. I could actually feel myself taking control of my body and mind. I felt like I could be 100 years old, still practicing Yoga and having complete control over my limbs and my mind. How liberating!!!

Not to go on too long BUT if you cannot seem to find your niche in life and you’re going through a case of the winter or booze blues, try a class or two, nourish your mind and take 60 or 90 minutes to zone out and let everything go. Your body, mind and soul deserve it!

Here are some of the MANY benefits to Yoga practice:

Physiological Benefits of Yoga

Respiratory rate decreases
Blood Pressure decreases (of special significance for hyporeactors)
Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) increases
Cardiovascular efficiency increases
Respiratory efficiency increases
Gastrointestinal function normalizes
Endocrine function normalizes
Excretory functions improve
Musculoskeletal flexibility and joint range of motion increase
Joint range of motion increase
Eye-hand coordination improves
Dexterity skills improve
Reaction time improves
Posture improves
Strength and resiliency increase
Endurance increases
Energy level increases
Weight normalizes
Sleep improves
Immunity increases
Pain decreases
Depth perception improves
Balance improves

Psychological Benefits of Yoga

Mood improves and subjective well-being increases
Self-acceptance and self-actualization increase
Social adjustment increases
Anxiety and Depression decrease
Hostility decreases
Concentration improves
Memory improves
Attention improves
Learning efficiency improves
Social skills increase

Biochemical Benefits of Yoga

Glucose decreases
Sodium decreases
Total cholesterol decreases
Triglycerides decrease
HDL cholesterol increases
LDL cholesterol decreases
VLDL cholesterol decreases
Hemoglobin increases
Lymphocyte count increases
Total white blood cell count decreases
Thyroxin increases
Vitamin C increases
Total serum protein increases