Combat dehydration & muscle cramping with Vegan supplementation

It’s 2 am and you wake up screaming because your muscles are cramping up in your calf. Toes curled and writing in pain you wait for the moment to pass.

Sound familiar?

While this sometimes night time occurrence may be on and off again and tolerable, muscle cramping during training sessions can be debilitating.

If you’re suffering from muscle cramping during exercise under 60 minutes in duration, are drinking at least a gallon of water per day AND are making sure that you’re replenishing your salt electrolytes then there are only a few other options left for you to stop the pain of cramps, which I’ve outlined below.

Supplements that treat dehydration

ELECTROLYTES: Magnesium, potassium, sodium.

You can opt to take these supplements at night or during the day. Magnesium can be taken in tablet form alone OR with a Zinc blend called “ZMA” at night.

Read more about ZMA HERE. 

What to avoid

Your enemy (at least temporarily) will be coffee, tea, soda, and alcoholic drinks. These are all forms of diuretics, which means they can dehydrate you more because they all pull water from your body. If you are suffering from serious dehydration, yo might need IV fluids or even a hospital visit.

No laughing matter.

Ensure that you are getting all the liquid you need throughout the day and intra workout as well as making sure you stretch and foam roll!

Give yourself the gift of foam rolling on the daily, listen to this physical therapy article with tips

Try these stretches for leg cramps from Verywellfit

No amount of hope or supplementation alone will help you get past the cramping which is going to hinder your ability to go hard during your training sessions.

Train hard, eat well, rest up, hydrate.



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Recipe for Disappointment – wildcrafting


This winter I was contacted by a magazine for an interview on wild foraging in the Canadian Rockies. Needless to say, I was thrilled to be able to put together my thoughts on wildcrafting and put forth some ideas on sustainable foraging for the local mountain curious & cultured to peruse through.

I completed a 1 hour interview where ideas on how to, where to and what to forage for in this micro-climate of Alberta were discussed. I shared a great recipe (which is here for you in the photo) and knew that my web info, picture and 500 word or less article would appear in the summer issue of this mountain culture magazine.

I searched and search and subscribed to the magazine to ensure that I would get a copy to keep for myself. To no avail. When I finally attended a concert in Banff this past weekend, I managed to scoop one up at a local outdoors store.

I plucked up the magazine and lined up for breakfast, frantically thumbing the pages to reach “my” article. What I saw made my heart sink. I was SO excited to see my face and words on the page. Instead, I saw what you’re looking at. A full page for my recipe and a small tag with virtually nothing about me inserted in it.

I wont go overboard and say I was devastated, but I was kind of beside myself with confusion on how the article seemed to have gotten cut…and why I wasn’t advised. Hmpf.

Most publications I have been featured in would have handled this differently, I felt……embarrassed that I had be so stoked and felt like I amounted to NOTHING. Later on in the weekend Jeff went on to say that he was proud of me that I got into a magazine at all, and that I should be happy.

I have to agree with him. I do. Sometimes the old performer in me just wants that moment in the sun. When the lights aren’t as bright as I’d hoped, they might as well be off!

Not very grateful, not very positive. Time to work on that, right?

Enjoy the recipe. Get out and be wild -even if no one is looking.


Summer Camp for Adults

Good morning all of you interweb savvy people. By the way, thank you very much for following me here and on Facebook and Twitter.

I realize it has been some time since I have blogged, and there are many reasons why. I thought you may like to know!

1 – It’s motorcycle season, yippee!
2 – It’s “sort of” summer here in BC
3 – Camping/Hiking season
4 – Gardening – holy schnikees, it’s been booming
5 – Joint ventures are in full swing
6 – Beach days are here
7 – Working on honing my Thai Yoga Massage skills and completing my certification

The list goes on and on.

I started to realize that I was burying myself in my business, which I love, but was becoming all consuming. It became more important to me to meet people, travel more, see my family and friends and relax. So this is what I’ve been doing!

Just last night I decided to take a long ride on my motorcycle, enjoy some Green Tea and Raw Spinach Salad, cruising the farmlands, driving by old high school haunts. The night was amazing. I urge you all to take some time out, reflect, relax and rejoice, it’s summer!

September will be a busy month as well, I am lucky enough to be able to visit Morocco and Spain for a few weeks, traveling through previously unseen countryside and adding to my bucket list of “The Wonders of the World” – my goal is to see all Natural, Man made, and some Ancient before my time here is up.

With my intention continually focused on health and wellness I leave you with a reminder to feed your body right.

CONCENTRATED KELP JUICE/SEA GREENS are a great way to boost your immunity. This is safe for babies, expectant mothers, the elderly, EVERYONE. Be sure to consult your physician if you are unsure about your tolerance levels, follow directions/dosages on all bottles etc…

Website for your info:

All Canadian Product available in BC (Thanks Dandi):

1 – Kelp acid and potassium, calcium may reduce the body’s absorption of cholesterol and can lower blood pressure.
2 – Kelp contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber, to remove the attachment of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall, smooth tone stomach, promote the excretion of cholesterol;
3 – Hot water extracts of human KB cancer cells for in vitro significant cytotoxic effect on S180 tumor significantly inhibited, but also rich in cancer-Star _ kelp selenium with anti-cancer effect;
4 – Kelp can improve the body’s humoral immunity, and promote cellular immunity, regulating immunity, there are a lot of food, mushroom is one of them;
5 – Kelp contains large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acid EPA, can reduce blood viscosity, reduce the hardening of the arteries. Therefore, eat seaweed can prevent cardiovascular disease;
6 – Large amounts of iodine in kelp can stimulate the pituitary to enable women to reduce estrogen levels and restore normal ovarian function, endocrine disorders to correct and eliminate the risk of breast hyperplasia;
7 – Kelp is extremely rich in iodine, which is the main raw material in vivo synthesis of thyroid hormone, and hair shiny is because the body play a role in the formation of thyroid hormone;
8 – Kelp contains large amounts of dietary fiber, obesity can increase the feeling of fullness, and kelp is very low in fat, calories and small, obesity weight loss food.
9 – Kelp is rich in calcium and iodine, helps thyroid hormone synthesis. Two types of food, not only beauty, and anti-aging effect.

Orthorexia – really?

Well, it’s come to this, I’m actually going to blog about Orthorexia. We all know Anorexia and Bulemia which are supposed to the be ugly step-sisters of Orthorexia. Steven Bratman penned a book which is now out of print on the subject.

Ortho coming from the Greek term “right” or “correct” and Orexia or “orexis” from the Greek term for appetite.

This was a term used widely by by Steven Bratman to describe people who have developed a fixation with healthy or righteous eating.Orthorexia has been clasified and referred to as a mental disorder.It is not a medically recognized term.

For me, being a member of the health and wellness movement, living in a healthful society and commiting to Yoga and physical exercise, I am continually surrounded with thoughts of health. I, for one, know I think about the things I put into my body throughout the day. Not to say that I “punish” myself for failing or disappointing myself with nutritional choices however, there are always feelings of guilt where underpreformance occurs. That’s part of being goal driven and alive.

Remember to GO EASY ON YOURSELF. Whether it be with your weight, looks, or your diet. If you find that you are beating yourself up for eating those chips, or non-organic apples or not going for that run – it’s OK, just do better next time. Avoid the chips at all costs, heck the non-organic apple was a shining example standing next to the doritos!

More importantly, love yourself.

Below I found a little quiz for you all to take to “rate” your level of Orthorexia if applicable.

Give yourself a point for each question. The more points you accumulate, the more “orthorexic” you are :

1. Do you spend more than three hours a day thinking about healthy food? If you do, give yourself a point; if you spend more, give yourself two points.
2. Do you plan tomorrow’s food, today? So, do you think in advance “what am I going to eat tomorrow?”.
3. Do you care more about the virtue of what you eat, rather than the pleasure you get from eating it.
4. Have you found that as the quality of your diet increased, the quality of your life has diminished?
5. Do you keep getting stricter with yourself?
6. Do you sacrifice experiences you once enjoyed, to eat the foods you believe are right?
7. Do you feel a sense of self-esteem when you eat healthy food; do you look down on others who don’t?
8. Do you feel guilt or self-loathing when you stray from your diet?
9. Does your diet socially isolate you?
10. When you are eating the way you are supposed, do you feel a peaceful sense of total control?

Frederic Patenaude