Say no to BPA’s ~ are you still even using them?

While some of the information I have found does not necessarily directly pertain to Canada, you have to admit that most issues Americans experience with their FDA end up showing up on our front doorstep. You know what they say rolls down hill, don’t you? For those of you who’s minds when into the gutter […]


Client Spotlight – The Vegan Activist – With Leila H.

Drumroll please! Introducing Leila Sleiman-Head. Friend, client, Vegan and Activist. Leila and I met through my participation in her event VegFest here in Pittsburgh. I signed up to be a presenter at the event and we hit it off. Leila, along with Natalie Fristick, put on VegFest annually in Pittsburgh as well as the fall […]


The Fit, Vegan Foodies guide to Maui

  If you’re heading to Hawaii there is no better island than Maui. I might be biased because I’ve only been there and Oahu a few times. This year, we took 14 days to explore the island and chill out. I was supposed to be mid-prep for a June show and was stressing out over […]

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Finding your happy place

I think I’m an over thinker. I mean, well, I know I am. I can analyze,¬†hypothesize, prophesize and write amazing fantastical stories in my head. Some of them true, others just plain crazy. I’ve spent my busied lifetime riding the glorious highs and soul crushing lows of operating with a very sensitive soul. I’ve spent […]


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