Makeover your medicine cabinet – with holistic options!

This medicine-cabinet makeover will replace your conventional cures with healthier options. Whether you’re plagued by headache pain or only occasionally bothered by a case of the sniffles, your medicine cabinet is probably the first place you turn to for relief. But are its contents the best choices for your health? Consider replacing some of those […]

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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT – Commit to be fit. Finding motivation with Amanda B

My relationship with Amanda began as a lot of my client relationships do – online. When we met she was struggling with time, illness, kids….(3, not 1) and prioritizing life. After a false start, she came back resolute and stronger than ever. This year, at Pittsburgh VegFest we actually got to meet face to face […]


Eating for the season AND the environment.

I’m sure you have all heard of fruits and vegetables being “in season”. This mainly relates to the foods that can be grown/farmed in your local areas. One good example is CORN. Corn of course is available for harvest and sale in the warmer (summer/early fall) months of the year. When you buy from a […]


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