A life built by dreams of freedom

Beyond my husband and my fur kids, my three loves in life are; fitness, food and travel. Usually, one has to take the backseat to another as I’ve navigated business to fund it all…..always looking for balance that seemed impossible.
I swallowed the tough pill of realization one day; my roadblocks are entirely self created. Yep, my happiness is totally determined by me and often, I set goals that conflict with each other to drive myself insane. There I said it.
So, how do you get all of your goals together and let them know that they each have their time in the sun, don’t need to compete with each other and will be given the attention they deserve?
By changing your understanding of who you really are. A crazy concept, but an entirely effective one when you have help.
No quick fixes or crazy diets or supplements are going to do the mental work you need to achieve the balance you crave. You can stop spending time and energy on all of the above and start investing in the ability to take control of your real desires.
My programs work, are simple and effective and start with coaching your mind to live the life you want. Of course you get the nutrition, the exercise, the group support, live video calls, travel tips for everywhere in the world and all the tips you can handle, but our one-on-one time and mentoring is the key. 
While my programs can work for everyone. They’re simply not for everyone. I’ve spent years attempting to coach people who aren’t ready. Not motivated, in too much mental distress to proceed, in too much financial crisis to afford my services, or just not ready to change their lives which works against my best efforts and theirs.
So, if you’re an entrepreneur, a world traveler, an executive with dreams of the ideal you can’t seem to make time for. Apply now for one of only 12 coaching mentorship programs I offer annually.

Trainer Style

Traditional Bodybuilding, Yoga, HIIT, Endurance Training, Spin, Bootcamp, Recovery & Strengthening.

CERTIFICATIONS: ISSA, Group Fitness, Spinning, Master Herbalist, Yoga instructor, Thai Massage, Raw Vegan Chef, Natural Bikini Pro.

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