About me

A life built by dreams of freedom

Beyond my husband and my fur kids, my three loves in life are; wholistic fitness, food and travel. Usually, one has to take the backseat to another as I’ve navigated business to fund it all…..always looking for balance that seemed impossible.

I am a full time traveler and entrepreneur who mentors the community at large in living their best life, now. I use my accreditations in personal training, nutrition, meditation, herbalism & counseling to focus on reversing the suffering of those saddled with anxiety, stress & panic. As a person who has (mostly) recovered from debilitating anxiety, I specifically uses meditation, movement & nutrition to alleviate dis-eases of the mind.

CERTIFICATIONS: Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, ISSA Trainer, Group Fitness, Spinning, Master Herbalist, Yoga instructor, Thai Massage, Raw Vegan Chef, Natural Bikini Pro.

TRAINING TYPES:  Traditional Bodybuilding, Yoga, HIIT, Endurance Training, Spin, Bootcamp, Recovery & Strengthening.

AFFILIATIONS:  Looking for incredible documentation of your hard work? Sasha works with one of the Country’s best photographers for portraits, bodybuilding, family, boudoir and more. Check out JJW Photography to see some amazing work with athletes and models around Canada and the USA.