About Sasha

 Sasha is a Vegan chef, Athlete,  Bikini Competitor, Yoga instructor and Personal Trainer. Sasha became educated in wholistic nutrition and fitness as a result of feeling “something missing” after retiring from 23 years of dance. In order to keep fit and sane, Sasha took up competitive, natural, bodybuilding where she earned her pro card. Most noteworthy is her current streak of top 5 placements. As a result of being diagnosed with and subsequently surviving Cancer, Sasha transitioned from a Vegetarian to a Vegan lifestyle.

Sasha is passionate about helping people live a truly healthy life they love and she is even more excited about helping create these lives right along with her clients. You will find she simply lives and leads by example which makes it entirely easy to appreciate her years of wisdom.

If you are tired of being tired, overcoming illness or simply have physique goals you need help with attaining, you’re in the right place. Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Sports injury, depression and anxiety are just a handful of specialties for Sasha.

Sasha enjoys hiking, camping, surfing, SUP and riding bikes in her spare time.

Trainer Style

Traditional Bodybuilding, Yoga, HIIT, Endurance Training, Spin, Bootcamp, Recovery & Strengthening.

CERTIFICATIONS: ISSA, Group Fitness, Spinning, Master Herbalist, Yoga instructor, Thai Massage, Raw Vegan Chef, Natural Bikini Pro.


Looking for incredible documentation of your hard work? Sasha works with one of the Country’s best photographers for portraits, bodybuilding, family, boudoir and more. Check out JJW Photography to see some amazing work with athletes and models around Canada and the USA.




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