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Carb lovers home workout ~ holiday hacks

Want to make it out of the next week without the overeating, fat storing ho-hums?? This simple article is all about beating the fat away while still enjoying what most folks don’t think twice about on their holiday break ~ FOOD OF MANY SERVINGS AND CALORIE COUNTS! The goal here is to prepare for carb […]


Roasted Yams with carmelized onions -HOLIDAY SERIES

    Holy tingle your mouth deliciousness. Why go the route of regular yams when you can have these little delights? Takes up about 1.5 hours of your life, but you’ll be happy for it. This is something you can serve any night of the week, I decided to serve it for a holiday dinner […]


Vegan stuffing – HOLIDAY SERIES

What is a traditional holiday meal without…..stuffing? I’m not a huge stuffing girl (prefer my carbs in the form of cake) however, nothing is more simple than a good stuffing recipe and meat eaters wont have any clue! This recipe was a hit with my family …. they ate more of this than the stuffing […]


Vegan coconut cream – HOLIDAY SERIES

  I swear you will never make regular whipped cream again. This recipe is SO simple and really works. I’ve used a few recipes as inspiration but have managed to cut the fat content down without any issue so I thought it would be a PERFECT time to share this one with you all. Minimal […]


Peanut butter & Banana Nice Cream – HOLIDAY SERIES

      This picture is actually a little teaser for my chocolate pie…..but I really didn’t get a good snapshot of my ice cream. Quickest recipe you’ll make in your life, so there’s no excuse for dairy or yucky cheap ice cream anymore! Love PB? Love Bananas? You’re done for. Ingredients: 3 cans coconut […]


An open letter to the mother of my step-daughter. 

*Names have been changed to protect privacy* It has been 4 going on 5 very long but very eye opening years since I first met my (now) step-daughter.  She was 4, in chemotherapy growing back her hair and in the midst of her parents’ separation. At that time I knew Bob for 10 years. We […]



After 25 years of plant-based living, Sasha has managed to wrap up all cruelty free lifestyle notes into one blog. The focus here is food, movement and musings. All posts created by Sasha, a Vancouverite Vegan living in Pittsburgh, PA. Check out these great Vegan Recipes which are entirely health inspired. Enjoy some amusing Vegan […]


Happy New Year – Free Love

2016 Starts tomorrow! Can you believe it? Now is the time to for us all to forgive our overindulgences and get our health show back on the road. I thought a bundle of healthy tips for nutrition and detox would be useful for you all for a healthy journey in 2016 {tomorrow}. Check out these […]


Becoming Little Miss Bikini – Episode 7 – The Final Frontier

It’s Sunday morning. Feeling like I’ve been hit by a mack truck for a few days and what to my wondering eyes doth appear… email from my coach! I wasn’t expecting any good news anytime soon,  but  this removed all of my fasted cardio dread. I get a REAL reload meal. From my photos I […]