Baked Beans – Vegan Bodybuilding Series

There’s nothing I love more than a simple recipe during a week full of the hustle and bustle of life. I’ve chosen to add this quick and easy recipe to the bodybuilding roster because I’ve been using beans as pre-workout for about a year. Most recently I’ve found that I personally do not get enough […]


Low-cal “Stir-fry” – Vegan bodybuilding Series

Spring is {nearly} here and I am back on the training machine getting ready for 3 competitions in May! Yep, 3. I’m totally mental…but so hungry for the gold. 🙂 This recipe is simple and is great if you’re about my size and need a no-carb meal in your daily regime. This is my “Meal […]


Chocolate & AB protein pudding – Vegan Bodybuilding Series

I have to admit, I’ve sinned. Knowing that peak week was coming and my diet would be ultra boring, I decided to have one final “hurrah” (if you could call it that) and made up a pudding fit for a body building queen. There is no real picture of this recipe because it’s frankly, not […]


Chickpea Curry – Vegan Bodybuilding Series

Getting simple recipes down that make the cut when it comes to bodybuilding, well, isn’t an easy task. These quick recipes are meant to inspire anyone on a strict diet or preparing for a bodybuilding competition. This meal in particular is great for pre-workout in the last 6 weeks or so of prep – for […]


Asparagus soup with tempeh croutons – Vegan bodybuilding Series

Aaaah the inflexible diet of the bodybuilding competitor. I have to admit at the point of 2 months of dieting I’m ready to cry at some of the ingredients – spices or not – it’s tough. This quick recipe came about as a way to combat my boredom with food and to help me be […]


Navy bean “chili” – Vegan Bodybuilding Series

I’ve embarked upon a journey in vegan bodybuilding. Most of you have been following my “Becoming Little Miss Bikini” series so you will already know the ups and downs of eating for a particular look, weight and fat loss as well as building muscle. Eating bland meals has pushed me into trying to get creative […]


Client Spotlight – Couples Who Go Vegan – Norm & Michelle

I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle at a Bodybuilding competition in Vancouver, BC, Canada a few years ago. It was her first show and she was SO nervous…just a sweetheart. We bonded that day and have been long distance friends ever since. I was super honoured to have Michelle and her husband Norm join […]

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The last year of my 30’s & why I’ve decided to stop giving a F*&k!

*Warning, explicit language* Just a few short days before I enter into the last year of my 30’s I sit and think (as I usually do on each birthday) about the last year. I review my entire life as I remember it and ponder on what things are in store for my future. As a […]