Give yourself the treatment your mind and body crave.

I started educating myself in the ways of plant-based nutrition after being diagnosed with Cancer.

I've learned from world health leaders in New York, Vancouver, California, China, Toronto and Maine. Finally finding my purpose in leading people all over the world to their healthiest selves.

Kick some ass, eat your veggies.

I believe in cultivating health, wealth and happiness through real relationships with people and food. The perfect life I love has been manifested through my passion for food, health and travel – I haven’t looked back.

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Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

Fermentation, Herbalism, Raw food, Vegan, Dehydrating, Healthy desserts and cooking with kids.

Whatever your reasons are for not eating mindfully, they won't stand a chance in my teaching kitchen.

Taste honest food, train your body, love the results.